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10 Best Learning Apps for Students In Nigeria

Learning can be fun and exciting. There are numerous apps that make learning easier. These apps help you learn faster and retain more information.

The best learning apps for students in Nigeria are ones that are mobile-friendly, easy to use, and help you learn at your own pace. Learning is a lifelong journey, and it is never too late to start.

In this article, presents to you 10 of the best learning apps for students in Nigeria.

All of these apps are available on the Google Play store with a few on the Apple store. To download, simply type the name on the search bar.

Best Learning Apps for Students In Nigeria

The internet has revolutionized the way we learn. It has also made learning accessible to everyone in the world. The following are the best learning apps for students in Nigeria.

1. uLesson

uLesson is a mobile app that provides students with online tutorials on a variety of academic courses. uLesson is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app was designed to help students master their classwork and get better grades by providing them with study materials and tutorials.

In addition to offering practical tips and advice on how to improve your grades, the app also provides practice exams for each subject area covered in school.

Students can choose to take these practice exams as often as they want so that they can improve their scores every time they take them. Since the tests are timed, this helps students learn how much time they should spend on each question so that they are able to finish all of them before time runs out.

uLesson also offers an online library that contains thousands of study materials including videos, flashcards and more. These resources can be accessed from anywhere at any time via the Internet or a Wi-Fi connection.

2. iclass

This is a free app for Android and iOS devices. It provides students with an interactive way of learning maths and other subjects.

The app offers interactive lessons and worksheets, which are designed to suit the varying needs of learners. iclass has been developed by the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).

The app allows you to achieve your goals in life through education. It also offers parents a convenient way of teaching their kids at home or on the go.

The app features a wide range of subjects including English language, mathematics, science, social studies and languages from kindergarten through high school graduation levels.

3. A1Tutor

A1Tutor is an app for junior secondary school, senior secondary school and prospective university students in Nigeria. It offers over 3,000 video tutorials that cover all subjects, including English grammar, mathematics, biology and chemistry.

The app also allows you to ask questions while watching the videos. You can then receive answers from the tutors via chat or email.

A1Tutor has been designed to help students master their studies with ease. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This app also provides preparatory content for examinations like GSCE, WASSCE, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB, and many more.

Just like its name, A1Tutor app may just be your best bet for your child getting As for his/her exams!

4. Roducate

Roducate is a mobile app that helps students learn at their own pace. It provides a library of courses, resources, and videos for students to learn from. It features educational content across Pre-nursery, Nursery, Primary, Secondary and University.

This is an app that aims to help students in Nigeria who are looking for some extra help with their studies. It offers all kinds of study material that you can use to improve your grades and pass examinations like GCE, BECE/JSSCE, NECO, WAEC, UTME/JAMB, SAT, GMAT.

The app has everything from math and science to history and other subjects. Roducate is endorsed by NERDC, NUC, JAMB, Lagos State Ministry of Education and African Union.

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices so you can use it on whatever device you have access to.

5. Teesas Education

Teesas learning app is one of the best learning apps for students in Nigeria. It is an app that has been designed to help you learn numerous subjects in English and local languages such as Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba and more .

The good thing about this app is that it is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. This means that you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

The Teesas learning app has over 100,000 downloads, including users from Ghana and Mali. This is a good indication that it’s worth trying out.

Roducate comes with a lot of features that make it stand out from other similar apps in the market today. The app comes with animated tutorials to ensure high engagement and keep your child excited about learning.

6. BrainFriend Platinum

BrainFriend Platinum app is a learning app designed to help students with their studies. The app is endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria and features 50,000 questions, answers and explanations, covering over 42 subjects.

BrainFriend Platinum is an e-learning platform developed by Cinfores Limited, an online educational technology company based in Nigeria. BrainFriend Platinum is designed to help users learn through interactive study materials, quizzes and tests.

The app has over 10,000 downloads and it has helped thousands of students improve in subjects like Mathematics, English, Chemistry, etc. The app can be used by primary schools, junior secondary schools and secondary school students.

7. Afrilearn: WAEC, JAMB and NECO

Afrilearn is a great app to use for your West African Examinations Council exams, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams and National Examination Council (NECO) exams.

The app has over 5000 past questions which make it easy for students to prepare for their exams.

The app also offers video tutorials and study guides for students to use in their preparation for exams.

The best part about Afrilearn is that it’s completely free to use.

The app has been downloaded over 50,000 times on Google Play Store and has received positive reviews from its users.

8. Exam Padi

One of the most popular learning apps for students in Nigeria is Exam Padi. The app is designed to help students prepare for their exams, and it’s been used by thousands of students.

Exam Padi has a wide range of features that you can use to prepare for your exams. You can use the app to create your own study plan, which will make sure you have time to study everything that needs to be learned. You can also use the app to track your progress with each subject. This will help you see what areas need more attention so that you can spend more time studying those subjects.

The Exam Padi app also has a series of flashcards that cover all the important topics in math and science classes. This allows students who are struggling with these subjects to learn the information they need before their exams arrive.

9. Photo Math App

Photo Math is an app for students who want to learn math. The app is designed to help users solve maths problems within seconds. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Photo Math can be used by students in Nigeria to solve a variety of math problems, including algebra, geometry and trigonometry. It also helps you find solutions to word problems with ease.

The app allows you to solve a range of equations using both steps and automatic operations. You also get detailed explanations for each solution, so you can understand how it was solved.

10. Learn Complete Chemistry

Learn Complete Chemistry has been designed by teachers who have years of experience in teaching this subject. They understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to teaching chemistry.

The app is full of content that will help you learn everything about this subject so that you get an A+ in your exam without any stress or headache at all!

The app comes with over 1000 questions that cover all areas of chemistry including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry among others. All these videos are professionally made by experts in the field so they are really easy to understand even if you have never taken chemistry before.

The best thing about this app is that it is absolutely free! You don’t need any subscription just download it on your phone.


There are many great learning apps out there for students in Nigeria, but these ten are some of the best. By using these apps, you can learn anything from mathematics to language arts and more.

.Whether you’re a struggling student or just looking for a way to improve your grades, these apps can help you reach your goals. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading and start learning!

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