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Best Mirror Apps For Android Devices

Are you a lover of selfies and photos and you will love to add some amazing mirror effects to your photo, here, I will be reviewing some of the best Mirror Apps For Android you can download right now? The best mirror apps for Android listed below can be used to add makeup, facial expressions, emojis, and others to your photos. You can also use them to make mirror collages for a photo.

As mirror apps, they can easily be used as a mirror to apply makeup without the need for a basic mirror. Without further ado, let’s get started

Best Mirror Apps for Android Devices

Mirror by MMAppsMobile


Having this mirror app installed on your android smartphone is just like having the mirror in your purse or wallet. However, this app comes with some extra features you can’t get with your ordinary mirror. First, you can now pinch to zoom so you don’t need to shove the phone in your face to see little details on your face. The app comes equipped with lighting control to brighten your face and make you see clearly, even without natural light. You can also freeze an image and have it stay on screen or saved to the gallery. Talk about having a mirror and a camera all in one. This app is the perfect mirror app everyone should have on their Android phones.

Download Mirror By MMAppsMobile

Mirror by Fulmine Software

Mirror by Fulmine Software

Mirror by Fulmine is a good alternative to the app above and has basically the same features like it. It has the pinch to zoom feature which allows you to see kinds of stuff clearly. It also has beautiful frames and overlays to beautify your picture. Pictures can also be taken with the app and it works even in the dark with its own light. You can even freeze screen images, adjust brightness and even get more effects and frames by installing additional plug-ins. If you need to check your makeup, wear your lenses, or even shave, you can use this Mirror app.

Download Mirror by Fulmine Software

MakeUp Mirror By MMAppsMobile

MakeUp Mirror

MMAppsMobile takes the number three spot yet again with another mirror app, this time for these ladies. If you like to get your makeup done or just retouch it a little bit in transit then you might want to download this app. It has all the features you definitely can’t find on your basic mirror. It is simple and easy to use so there’s that. It also has a light frame for better lighting when making up and you can pinch to zoom, freeze the image, adjust exposure, and also use gesture controls. You can also use the app to take selfies and share it with friends and family.

MakeUp Mirror by MMAppsMobile

Mirror By Uppertext

Mirror By Uppertext

Mirror by Uppertext has almost if not all of the features as the rest of the apps on this list but what makes it stand out is its size. It weighs under 500kb in size which makes it perfect for those users who are kind right on storage space on their device. Nonetheless, the app functions just like other apps on this list. Pinch to zoom, image freeze, light frame, and many more are all available.

Download Mirror By Uppertext

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

This mirror app isn’t necessarily a mirror app as it is more of a comic app that takes your pictures and distorts them to make them look funny. Magic mirror supports JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG image format. This app also has a very simple and clean user interface with lots of edits to make your photos look funny. I tried the app with a couple of my photos and I couldn’t stop laughing at the result. If you wanna have a good laugh you can try out this app with your photos and also share them with your friends.

Download Magic Mirror

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