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The iFOREX Trading App is Flexible and Efficient

Investors have a wide variety of applications to choose from when looking for a trading platform.  The process of finding an app that fits your trading needs requires some due diligence. Generally, if the app you are evaluating looks complicated on the face of it, you are probably getting into something that is over your head. If you want a simple yet sophisticated application, you need to spend some time evaluating the iFOREX trading platform.

The iFOREX trading app is efficient and does not overwhelm you when you start poking around. You can quickly navigate to the trading center which shows you all the products that iFOREX provides its clients. The company has more than 20-years of trading experience and focuses on contracts for differences. These are products that track the movements of underlying assets such as currency pairs, commodities, indices, shares and cryptocurrencies.

What Type of Platforms are Offered by iFOREX?

iFOREX offers its clients two different types of trading platforms that work in tandem with one another. The first is a web-based platform that allows you to login where ever you have access to the internet. This is a flexible platform that differs from many downloadable platforms that require access to your hard drive to be able to run the application. The iFOREX platform works everywhere and affords you the flexibility to leave your home or office and still have access to your application.

The iFOREX mobile app works in conjunction with the browser-based application. You can perform nearly all of the same function as the mobile app. In addition to swipe gestures that allow you to execute your trades, you can deposit and withdraw funds directly from the mobile app. In addition, you can access positions, monitor your risk and observe your balances directly from your mobile application.


The education section of the iFOREX platform is second to none. The company has devoted substantial resources to its education which helps traders with familiar and unfamiliar markets.  iFOREX offers both articles and videos which can help you learn about markets and strategies. The subjects stem from using the application to how to employ risk management. In addition, there are both articles and videos on developing a trading strategy.

Customer Service

iFOREX prides itself on providing clients with top of the line customer service. You can contact someone via email, chat or phone. Most of us become frustrated when we cannot get another person on the line to help us with an issue. iFOREX employs a full-time help desk to make sure your issues are handled expeditiously.

Trading Tools

iFOREX has several types of advanced trading tools. This includes an excellent charting package that allows you to see historical price action. You can overlay these charts with studies including many pre-programmed technical analysis studies. You can draw trend lines to find support and resistance levels, as well as, sign up for advanced signals which will alert you to when a trading opportunity becomes available.

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