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Best Monday Morning Prayer Apps

Mondays are serious days for most people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start it spiritually. We covered the best Monday morning prayer apps. The apps below are quick to access, and you will find a ton of useful prayers to start your day.

Mondays are days that we are always engaged with the most important activities in our various places of work, schools, marketplace, etc. That is why we have helped you to examine and come out with some important selected best Monday morning prayer apps that will be suitable to use every Monday morning to make your day move well and for God’s guidance against any unforeseen circumstance.

Best Monday morning prayer Apps

Below are some of the best-recommended apps for Monday morning prayer

Prayers & Blessings Daily App

This app sends inspiring and biblical prayers and blessings to you every morning. It gives a new basis of inspiration on how to pray. It enables you to choose between different versions of the text, and even have it read aloud to you. This app is recommended for you to use every Monday morning.

Daily Prayer Guide App – Lite

This is a day-to-day devotional app based on an inspiring compilation of Bible verses. It is updated with digital features for smartphones and tablets. The Daily Prayer guide is a devotional prayer guide that is based on Leaves of Life, a compilation of bible verses, poems, prayers, and quotations from well-known authors, writers, and poets as well as Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Ruskin, William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, Goethe, James Russell Lowell, Henry W. Longfellow. With the Daily Prayer Guide app, you will always be encouraged to read God’s Word and pray daily by using this daily devotional app. FOR ANDROID & IOS


PrayerMate helps you be devoted to prayers because of the daily reminders about important prayers. It is an easy-to-use app that fits in according to daily prayers.  Prayer is very important in our daily activities most especially on Monday morning.

Echo Prayer App

This is an important app that always finds time to remind you about your daily prayers. When Echo prayer is enabled, it will always send you phone notifications or emails to inform you that it’s time to pray. Prayer is a powerful and effective way that connects us to God. Echo is designed to give you space to engage with your Creator.

My Daily Prayer App

My daily prayer is a compilation of powerful and useful prayers that come with positive messages waiting to be sent to you daily. Daily prayer is a magnificent way to focus on seeking God’s plan in your life and to keep a strong relationship with God. This app will fill your heart with gratitude, express your love for God and be thankful for His blessing, and offerings, and eventually get closer to God through love and prayer. You can use this as a means to get in touch with the Lord.

Prayer Prompter

As you already know Monday is a very serious and busy day. If you are the type that always gets distracted or loses focus while praying, a Prayer Prompter is recommended to you. It is an application that prompts topics that should pray about (worship, love, for your spouse, for yourself, etc.). In addition, it gives you passage suggestions to read through and pray to God. This app helps to develop your praying abilities.