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Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

Are you searching for the best photo editing apps for iPhone? In the past, people needed to carry a camera device all about to take pictures. However, in today’s digital age, with just a tap on your smartphone screen, you can snap stunning selfies and pictures on the go. We are now in a dynamic era of camera smartphones — equipped with dual shooters, in-display cameras, etc. — and iPhones are among the most sophisticated camera smartphones that are available on the market.

A robust camera mobile phone requires a powerful photo-editing app to produce pictures with a professional, creative look. As we approach the end of the year, what are the most effective photo-editing apps for iPhone photography? This write-up seeks to shed light on this question.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Here are the leading photo editors for iOS mobile devices:


Google Snapseed is one of the Best Photo-Editing Apps For iPhone designed with a wide range of ion-tap filters for instant photo editing, is among the best editors for pictures. The app integrates loads of exciting features with a simple-to-use UI.

The software supports RAW editing and lets you create presets and save them for applying the effects to photos, to be edited in the future. You can also select from many pre-existing filters and adjust your pictures by changing settings, such as exposure, contrast, and colour. You can make selective adjustments in images to get rid of unwanted objects. Snapseed is completely free to download and has no in-app purchases.


VSCO offers an Instagram-like interface and allows you to share pictures with the VSCO community. It is a nifty photo-editing app that helps you improve how your photographs look effortlessly and quickly. The software comes with different filters for adjusting features of your photos, including exposure, split tone, saturation, colour balance, vignette, brightness, sharpness, and others. VSCO lets you edit RAW pictures and share edited pictures via Bluetooth, and social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

This program also helps you control the intensity of all presets. It provides multiple options of presets that you can unlock by making in-app purchases. It is one of my Best Photo-Editing Apps For the iPhone

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom is a fully featured photo-editing program for iPhone with default presets and offers a collection of the most powerful editing tools for pictures. It lets you shoot with the DNG RAW format to attain greater creative control. This software features Chromatic Aberration for automatically detecting and repairing chromatic aberrations. With Adobe Lightroom CC, you can sync editing photos across devices via Adobe Creative Cloud. This photo-editing app is perfect for users that are familiar with Adobe Suite of photo editing software and is non-destructive.

Photo Editor by Aviary

When it comes to the best instant photo editors on the iOS platform, Photo Editor by Aviary is highly rated among the Best Photo-Editing Apps For iPhone. It offers a bevy of free effects — more than 1500 of them — along with one-touch enhancement features that are handy for the instant editing of photos. It also provides a plethora of free frames, stickers, and overlays. You can log in using your Adobe ID in order to gain access to more enhancements and filter options.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary from iTunes

Lens Distortion

Lens Distortion app is primarily designed for iPhone users that need to add fancy weather and light effects in photos they have shot. The software features multiple lens distortions, including rain, fog, shimmer, snow, and so on. With Lens Distortion, you can adjust the opacity, blur, and blur intensity on every distortion effect, and add more than one filter to pictures when you layer them. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, the program is free to download.

We have come to the end of this review article on the 5 best photo-editing apps for iPhones in 2022. To beautify your pictures and make them look more professional and catchy, you can opt for any one of these pieces of software that suit your style and needs.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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