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8 Best PSP Football Games Ever Played

In this article, we will be talking about the best PSP football games ever played.

PSP is an acronym for “PlayStation Portable” which is like a portable version of the PlayStation 2 console. The game is pretty popular and most people still have it up till now or even want to buy one. Some others have even downloaded different types of PSP emulators on their Android and iOS device just to be able to play their favourite PSP games.

Now, PSP games come in different genres but the football genre is arguably one of the best, most loved and frequently played a genre of games, not just on the PSP but on all gaming platforms. This is because football as a sport is also well-loved by a lot of people so it is only normal to want to recreate something similar in a game.

There are a lot of football games available on the PSP, some of which you might already know and some others which you will be hearing for the first time here. The list we have here includes not football games in which you can control the players but also football games where you get to be the coach or manager of a team.

With all that being said, let’s get right down to the football games for your PSP.

Best PSP Football Games Ever Played

1. FIFA 11

It shouldn’t come as a shock to see FIFA 11 at the top of the list as many of you already know of this game and have most likely played or playing it. FIFA 11 is one of, if not the very best football game in my opinion. It has pretty much everything you’d want from a football game and is pretty much better than PES in my opinion.

2 PES 2012

Pro evolution soccer is also another good football game for PSP which I like and for some people, better than FIFA. This is, and will always be open for debate but personally, I feel it is based on preference. PES also has everything you’d want in a football game like FIFA, from graphics to up-to-date players, kits and more. If you don’t like PES you’d like FIFA and vice versa.

3. Football Manager Handheld

Football manager handheld is yet another fan favourite football game which is loved by many. In this game, you don’t actually play the game by controlling the players on the pitch, you have to manage your team and take them to Victory, Just like a manager/Coach. This means you get to buy and sell players, train your team and manage them. It’s a good football coaching simulator I would say.

4. Winning Eleven 9

Winning Eleven yet another football game similar to FIFA and PES but not quite as good. Most people would usually go for PES or FIFA if given a choice but winning Eleven is also a good option.

The graphics might not be as good as the competition but it makes up for it in the gameplay which I really like. It wouldn’t hurt running the game and decided for yourself if you actually like it’s approach or would rather go for any of the other two top football games.

5. FIFA Street

When you think of football games, street football soccer doesn’t come to mind and even most people don’t even like the idea.

However, there are some people who still like the idea and it gives them a real feeling of football they know and grew up playing on the street. This particular street soccer comes from FIFA and they did an exceptional job with the game. You’ll definitely enjoy this game if you’re into street soccer.

6. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup played in South Africa was turned into an actual Football game which you can play on your PSP.

In this game, you get to use any of your favourite countries out of the 199 countries available in the game to play and hopefully win the world cup. Personally, this is more of a way to relive the 2010 World Cup while still getting the traditional football gaming experience. It also makes you feel nostalgic.

7. UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

This game, similar to the one above doesn’t give you the full football experience as it only focuses on the 2006-2007 champions League. What this means is that get to play the champions league tournament using any one of the qualified teams in the hopes to win the trophy.

You should know that the Champions League is one of, if not the most difficult football competitions to participate in as you will be facing off against other top teams from other leagues. If you like everything there is about the Champions League tournament, you’d definitely like this game.

8. World Tour Soccer

World Tour Soccer a unique football game for the PlayStation portable. First, it is exclusive to the platform which means it isn’t available on other platforms. Secondly, it is pretty fun to play and is definitely one football game I’d recommend to anybody looking for new football games to try out on their PSP.


If you have a PSP then there are other genres of games you can try out but if you’re only interested in football games then I hope this list helps. This list has a wide variety of football games from the traditional football games to football manager games and even street football.

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