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20 Best Widgets for Android to Customize Your Home Screen

Android OS offers its over 2 billion active users a wide range of customization features; today, we present you the 20 best widgets for Android to customize your home screen.

One of the perks smartphones running Android gives users is the ability to add widgets to the home screen.

What is a widget?

It is the mini version of an app, running on your home screen, giving you instant access to any info you need or are interested in.

Widget apps are designed to make things a lot easier, offering you a glimpse of your desired data.

On Google Play, you can find tons of widgets, and these apps can be customized and resized, with some of them equipped with interactive features. Such apps can also help enhance the appearance of your home screen.

They come in different forms, focusing on a wide array of subjects that bring you the latest weather, an alarm clock, music player controls, access to notes, and lots more.

While users have to pay for such apps, there are also plenty of free ones that offer a good experience and a variety of features. Let’s cut to the chase and explore the 20 best widgets for Android to customize your home screen.

Top Best Widgets for Android

Important note: Some apps we will be looking at below eat up a lot of RAM; hence, consider going for those that are clean and speedy.



This weather widget, developed by OneLouder Apps, is arguably the most common widget, used by Android users. In spite of the fact that the default widget is decent, users still seek custom widgets as they give them the leeway to personalize themes based on their taste.

One of such tools, the 1Weather app, is a robust amazing weather widget. This isn’t only because of its spectacular looks. It also has a number of customization features and gives you daily, weekly, and monthly weather forecast.

Though it is a free app; to stop ads, you can upgrade to the paid version and have all its features unlocked.

Beautiful Widgets

This software is one of those apps that have created quite a legacy, which ensures people still find them appealing in spite of the evolution that the Android operating system has gone through. Beautiful Widgets does not prioritize any particular widget; instead, it combines many different widgets into a single app.

It allows you to choose from time widgets, weather widgets, and battery widgets. The majority of its widgets are customizable. It is a paid app, but you can download it and try it for free before buying the premium version that goes for $2.49.

Download Beautiful Widgets Pro for Android

DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget is developed by Roman Nurik and Ian Lake and is yet another amazing tool to personalize your home screen. It is a relatively new app, which did not stay too long on Google Play to become famous — a testament to its quality.

It moved up the ranks quickly to emerge as one the best free Android widgets available on the market. The software is simple and lightweight. It is usable with some plugins to get more than just a standard looking clock.

This clock widget, in addition to all the plugins, is 100% free to download and use.

Battery Widget Reborn

The Battery Widget Reborn, designed by Tomas Hubalek, is ideal for you if you seek a specific widget, tailored to address a specific need. The widget is specifically created to monitor battery usage and performance.

It also lets you get quick toggle, used for switching off options, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Battery Reborn Widget is available for free. You can upgrade to the paid version to enjoy more features.

Calendar Widget

When you are tired of the stock calendar widget preloaded on your Android, or you are even lacking one, Calendar Widget is a great option to try out.

The widget app helps you sync with Google Calendar, so you won’t need to stew over losing all your important dates. Also, if you need a lunar calendar, it supports this option. The software, which is developed by Candle Apps, lets you easily navigate between agenda and to-do list.

It comes with the supports for over 80 themes, giving you even more freedom for customization.

Google App

Google App needs no introduction, but you may not know the various features it offers as a widget. It is perfect for users that like a simplified widget, which works seamlessly and is gentle on the phone’s resources or its battery.

It comes with a simple UI that has different widgets for your use. The first widget is Google Search, followed by Google Assistant, which gives you info on the latest happenings around you. There is also a widget for weather information on the app.


Designed by DvTonder, Chronus is a free clock widget app, which has an easy-to-use interface and is very effective in fulfilling its purpose. The Android tool adds interesting widgets on your lock screen and shows many options for you to select from, including Clock and Alarm; Time Panel; Calendar Events; and General Appearance.

The software lets you customize every option smoothly and includes it in your lock screen.

Download Chronus: Information Widgets for Android from the Play Store

Google Keep

While Google Keep isn’t mainly a widget, it can still work as one. The software features a number of decent options, and you will find its widget tool quite nice. Google Keep ensures your notes are placed on your home screen, allowing you to take notes whenever you feel like doing so.

So, even the app isn’t actually a widget, it is great for quick note-taking and proper management of your notes.

HD Widgets

HD Widgets

HD Widgets is one of the best widgets for Android and has been on the market for relatively long and is another popularly used widget app. The tool enables you to choose from clock widgets and also weather widgets. It also has toggle options.

The app offers tons of theme options, which let you personalize your app based on your style and taste.


IFTTT is a great widget app, with lots of customization options. It allows you to make fully automated tasks, which can be used with your mobile phone. IFTTT also provides a widget button, which helps make your overall experience smoother.

Download IFTTT for Android from the Play Store

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT is created by Kustom Industries. Though the app can’t be referred to as a widget by definition, its purpose is to help you make your own widgets and make use of them as you deem fit.

It requires some getting used to; however, once you understand how to manipulate it, the software can serve you really well.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is a free app.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is basically a wallpaper app, which lets you choose popular artworks as your wallpapers. But following the release of a recent update, the software now features a widget button, which helps you change wallpapers instantly.

Muzei Live Wallpaper is free to download and install.


UCCW – Ultimate Custom Widget is among the few widget apps, famous for their DIY approach. It works much like KWGT, enabling you to design your own widgets depending on your taste.

It also requires a learning curve to do this. However, if you do not want to design your own widgets, you can always download those created by the designers.


Tasker is developed by joaomgcd and has robust features and capabilities, allowing you to automate your Android fully. On the tool, you can gain access to more than 210 actions.

The only downside of the Tasker app is, it will take some time to get used to as the software can be complicated to use.

It goes for $3.49. Download Tasker for Android from the Play Store

Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget is another app that works like KWGT and UCCW by following the DIY widget approach. You may not find it easy to design your own widget; fortunately, the app offers you a cool head start of where to begin.

It also provides a lot of customization options and some pre-made widgets as well.

Download Zooper Widget for Android from the Play Store for free

Grumpy Weather

Grumpy Weather is designed by FlashlightApps to provide you with accurate temperature in the form of angry phrases, which will alert you occasionally. It has a rather simple user interface; however, you can unlock characters with just $1, which show up in place of generic icons.

Download Grumpy Weather Widget for Android for free from the Play Store



A compilation of the 20 best widgets to customize your home screen will not be complete without mentioning Flipboard. It is particularly ideal for you if you are the type of user that prefers to always stay up to date with all the latest news both locally and globally.

The app is available for free download, and on installing it, it allows you to check the news at any time you want.

Download Flipboard – Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle for Android from the Play Store


Looking for a way to significantly boost your productivity? Consider getting Wunderlist. The app lets you manage tasks efficiently. With Wunderlist, making lists has never been easier it offers you a quick glance over everything you need to check.

Onavo Count

Onavo Count is the widget to get to keep an eye on your daily data usage. If you cannot keep a track manually, simply download this app.

It is a great tool to monitor Internet data, and it puts a widget on your home screen to know whether or not your data usage is within the limits. Onavo Count is 100% free but is not available on the Play Store.

Download Onavo Count for free.

On Time – Dynamic Smart Widget

Designed by Supratim Chakraborty, On Time – Dynamic Smart Widget is a cool app, which works as a widget. It offers basic features, allowing you to categorize your mobile apps based on the time you make use of them, and On-Time will hide then the pieces of software.

If you listen to music at night, for instance, it only displays your music player at the specific time you set. It is available for free to download and install on your Android-powered smartphone.

Download On Time – Dynamic Smart Widget for Android from the Play Store

Wrapping up

To draw the curtain on today’s post on the 20 best widgets to customize your home screen, we take a bird’s eye view of all the apps we reviewed above.

To get up to date info on the weather, get 1 Weather. To enjoy a bunch of widgets in one package, consider downloading Beautiful Widgets. DashClock Widget and Battery Widget Reborn are ideal to check the time and monitor your battery performance respectively.

Finally, there is a widget app to suit your smartphone needs among the 20 apps above whether you are looking to get weather updates, organize yourself, need reminders about your calendar events, keep a track of your battery performance, and so on.

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Tijani Mustapha
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