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In this post, I will be reviewing the 10 best smartphones for business owners. A powerful yet reliable smartphone is every business owners most important tool. These days there is an increasing reliance on smartphones to carry out daily business dealings – from invoicing, social media management, send emails, schedule meetings and much more.

Just a few short years ago BlackBerry was the only smartphone developer that catered to the needs of business owners, however, recently other smartphone giants have released devices with Apple and Samsung leading the pack. We have drawn up a list of the best smartphones for your use as a business owner in 2018.

10 best smartphones for business owners

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The stunning 6.2 inch Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus device is every serious business owner’s favourite smartphone. The super-fast device makes running multiple business-related tasks simultaneously as seamless as possible.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is popularly known for its high-resolution infinity display and incredible camera quality, this device hosts some of the most remarkable business features in the smartphone market. It is no doubt one of the 10 best smartphones for business owners in 2018 and will still be relevant in the coming year.

samsung-galaxy-s8 Plus

This upscale business smartphone is armed with Samsung’s Knox security which provides top-notch modern business security for your trade secrets and confidential materials. Added security features include biometric scanning in the form of facial recognition, iris scanner and fingerprint reader.

Other great features that make the Galaxy S8 Edge the best smartphone for business owners include –“Bixby” Samsung’s own virtual assistant that helps you set meeting reminders, perform search, and activate screen mirroring for video conferencing; and – “DeX” an external accessory with a USB-C prong, ports and a fan, which allows you to simulate a desktop experience by displaying a PC-like mobile desktop on your phone display.

  1. Google Pixel 2

In recent times, Google has developed various tools that have revolutionized the way business owners run their operations. So, it is not a surprise that a Google device made its way to the top of our list of 10 best smartphones for business owners. Delivering superior quality, functionality and design at a good price, the Google Pixel is the gadget to have.


The most remarkable features on this smartphone include “Active Edge” which by squeezing the sides of the phone, Google Assistant is activated. Powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor and supported by a large battery, this device is super fast and keeps you on top of every aspect of your business on the go.

Active business travellers will be more excited by the built-in Google Lens –an on-demand object recognition tool which allows you to use the phone camera to identify popular landmarks around the world.

  1. OnePlus 5

An affordable and reliable smartphone for business owners is the OnePlus 5. It features a 5.5-inch AMOLED display and is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which muscles through multitasking demanding apps to keep you on top of all your business undertakings. Apart from the Google Pixel XL, the Oneplus 5 smartphone is the fastest Android smartphone among the 10 best smartphones for business owners listed here.

OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5’s intelligent app prioritizing capability learns your usage patterns and launches important apps more quickly, this gets you right to work in no time.

With security as a top priority, the OnePlus 5 comes with a “Secure Box” storage for your private business documents – audio, video or text, which is secured by a pin code. Although there is no MicroSD support on the OnePlus 5, you have 128GB onboard storage on the device.

  1. iPhone 8 Plus

Almost as good as the iPhone X but considerably cheaper, the iPhone 8 Plus is a great smartphone for business owners. With its large 5.5-inch screen, great body-to-size ratio and vivid OLED display, this device makes document creation and viewing a delightful experience.

iphone 8 Plus

With its superfast A11 Bionic chip it has a six-core processor –two fast cores and four low-power cores which defeat Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 in speed. A new sensor and image signal processor, you are guaranteed richer colours, faster autofocus and better low light shots for your product images. Also guaranteed are 4K video recording at 60 frames per second and impressive speakers, which is excellent for your video conferencing needs.

For heavy users, the strong aluminium body accents, glass chassis, steel reinforcements and water resistance enhances the device’s durability and protects it from wear and tear. Although the iPhone 8 Plus does not have a face unlock feature, it does come with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner for added security.

  1. BlackBerry Priv

The first BlackBerry device to run on Android was sure to make it on our list of best smartphones for business owners. Running on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (Marshmallow update), the Priv grants you access to a wider range of productivity apps on the Google Play Store.

BlackBerry Priv

The Priv is a throwback to the classic slider phone, with its signature slick keyboard hidden behind the 5.4-inch curved AMOLED display.  The keyboard coupled with the trackpad for moving the cursor makes a spreadsheet and document editing easier.

BlackBerry Priv’s robust security ensures your data is safe through default data encryption and protection from malware. The device also comes with 2×2 MIMO enhanced Wi-Fi for faster browsing, upload and download of data.

  1. BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

Another BlackBerry on our list of best smartphones for business owners is the KEYone Black Edition. If you want to jump on the BlackBerry and Android combo but missed out on the Priv, the KEYone is the next best alternative with extra RAM and memory. Additions like the “Hub” and “Contact Manager” are great ways to manage business accounts on your device.

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

The KEYone is a sophisticated smartphone powered by the efficient Snapdragon 625 CPU which keeps your device running fast and seamlessly through demanding tasks such as emailing, drawing up a spreadsheet or video conferencing.

It’s uniquely designed keyboard acts as a trackpad for scrolling without touching the screen, and also hosts a hidden fingerprint scanner in its spacebar. Its large 4.5-inch Full HD display screen with 3:2 aspect ratio is great for viewing business documents on the go, and is supported by a large battery that is capable of lasting over 24hours.

  1. Moto Z2 Force

The mid-range flagship Moto Z2 Force is one of the best smartphones for business owners. Powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset and 6GB RAM, it delivers superior speed and efficiency and supports expandable storage from the in-built 64GB up to 256GB.

This affordable yet highly durable smartphone sports an almost indestructible display. The ShatterShield screen has five layers designed to resist shattering, however, is not as smooth a touch as the Gorilla glass we have become accustomed to.

Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force comes with exciting “MotoMods” accessories, such as the Moto 360 camera, Turbo Power battery packs, JBL speakers and the Insta Share projector. Security-wise, the Moto Z2 Force sports a fingerprint scanner on the home button, to ensure that all your sensitive business documents remain for your eyes only.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the only phablet that made it to our list of best smartphones for business owners.  The incredible 6.3-inch InfinityEdge display gives you so much more space to work on and is supported by an excellent stylus- S Pen to deliver great user experience for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


This device comes with amazing features such as MultiWindow Mode that allows you to have two apps open on your screen at the same time, so you can boost your productivity by responding to emails while keeping up with the latest news.

The in-built fingerprint scanner, eye scanner and facial recognition software along with Samsung Knox deliver top-notch security on your device. This Dual SIM smartphone boasts a 6GB RAM and 3300mAh battery that keeps your phone running for over 16hours.

  1. Tecno Phantom 8

The beautifully designed Tecno Phantom 8 earned a spot on our list of best smartphones for business owners. This device sports a large Full High Definition 5.7-inch screen at 1080x1920p, which works excellently for document viewing and video conferencing. Thanks to the 6GB RAM available, this device is able to efficiently run 80 apps simultaneously in the background without a hitch.

Tecno Phantom 8

It comes with a 3500mAh cell that, although provides enough power to keep the phone on all day for medium to heavy users Overall the battery life of the Phantom 8 is acceptable as it also comes with Tecno’s advanced light speed charging technology that delivers more talk time per minute of charge and takes just a little over an hour to get fully charged.

With a large internal memory of 64GB ROM, you can store all your business documents, demo videos and more. These documents as stored securely on your device, with a fingerprint scanner mounted to restrict access.

  1. Infinix Zero 5

Mega storage and large battery elevate this budget smartphone to our list of best smartphones for business users. The Infinix Zero 5 comes with a whopping 128GB of internal storage, allowing you more than enough storage space for all your business documents – text, audio, video and images.  Access to your device and these sensitive documents is restricted by a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Infinix Zero 5

Speed and multitasking on this device are also favourable with the device being powered by a 2.3GHz Octa-core processor and 6GB RAM. Uptime through heavy usage is guaranteed by the large 4350mAh battery available on this device. If an affordable yet efficient smartphone is what you need for your business, the Infinix Zero 5 is a great option for you and your workers.

There you have it guys, the 10 best smartphones for business owners

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