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10 Best Voice Changers for Discord Apps

Here we shall be reviewing the 10 best voice changers for Discord Apps.

Discord is one of the best cross-platform gaming chatting apps right now. It is a good communication tool for gamers. There are two chat-based services in Discord; voice and text. This is where it gets interesting, as a Discord user, you can disguise your voice. Gamers change their voice on discord for one reason or another.

Changing your voice is a good way to protect your identity if you’re concerned about your privacy. Today, we’ll be discussing how you can change your voice on discord. Let’s look at the 10 best voice changers for Discord Apps.

Best Voice Changers for Discord Apps

Best Voice Changer for Discord Apps


When it comes to voice changers on Discord, ClownFish is one of the very best. The program supports any app that uses a microphone not just Discord. ClownFish features 12 voice changer effects to choose from; Alien, Atari, Clone, Mutation, Fast Mutation, Slow Mutation, Baby Pitch, Radio, Robot, Male Pitch, Female Pitch, and Helium Pitch. You can disguise your voice on Discord by choosing any of these voice effects.


Voicemod features a ton of voice changer effects to choose from. And just like ClownFish, it works with any app that makes use of a microphone such as Skype, PUBG Mobile, Hangout, Fortnite e.t.c.

Unlike most voice changers out there where you can tell the person isn’t using his/her real voice due to some distortion, Voicemod voice effects are seamless perfect, and sound natural. Voicemod has a free voice changer and the Pro voice changer. Their pro package comes with a subscription fee of $14.99.

MorphVox Jr

MorphVox Jr is a good free voice changer to us on Discord. If you’re a male gamer, you can change your voice to female and vice versa. There is also a child sound effect where your voice sounds like that of a baby. One of the disadvantages of MorphVox Jr is the complicated user interface. It takes time to get used to the program. Also, being a free voice changer, it often displays annoying ads.

AV Voice Changer

This software is mainly for professionals. It is one of the best voice changers for Discord apps. AV Voice Changer Software is not only meant for changing your voice sound. You can also use the software to record your distorted voice and later edit it to sound great.

The editing features of the software are quite impressive which literally differentiates it from the rest of the voice changers out there. It’s not free though, it has three subscription plans. The Basic plan costs $29.95, the Gold plan costs $39.95 and the Diamond plan costs $99.95. You can start with a free trial and check out their services before subscribing.

Voxal Voice Changer

This program is similar to AV Voice Changer, not only can you change your voice but you can also record it. It works perfectly with other apps for communication purposes and features tons of voice effects. Voxal Voice Changer works on Windows and the web. The service costs $29.99 but has a free trial to start with.


RoboVox makes use of vocoder technology to change your voice into a wide range of options. The platform is only available to Android and iOS smartphones. It is very affordable at $1.49 and has the ability to modify the voice features e.g the pitch of your voice. It allows you to save your voice and share it on SoundCloud. The disadvantage of RoboVox is it not being available on Windows like others.


Mumble uses a low latency to change one’s voice. The platform is open source which makes it more fun to use and it’s quite effective. The application is completely free to download on the Google play store. It is also important that Mumble is connected safely to Discord to avoid any complications.

Funny Call

Funny Call is a good and fun voice changer for us on Discord. The program can be used to make pranks by changing your voice into horrifying ones. It features the Optimod Agent and Dark Father. Some of your friends might not take it lightly with you if you prank them with this application.

Amazing MP3 Recorder

The next one on the list of 10 best voice changers for Discord apps in 2021 is the Amazing MP3 Recorder. The application is somewhat similar to Funny Call and allows you to change, record, and make fun with your voice. It is very effective and enjoyable to use on Discord when gaming. It is not a free service that could discourage some gamers.

Super Voice Changer

Lastly, we have the Super Voice Changer. This is a very sophisticated voice-changing software. It can change a female or male voice at the exact time of asking without any compromise. The software is very fast when it comes to voice modification and it’s absolutely free.

With these 10 voice changer programs listed here, you shouldn’t have any problem changing your voice on Discord.

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