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How to Block GTBank ATM Card If Stolen or Misplaced

This article will show you different ways you can quickly block your GTBank ATM card in the advent of theft or misplacement.

What is the code to Block GTBank ATM Card and How to Use it?

I recently misplaced my GTBank ATM card and I was looking for ways to contact them. I was able to quickly get in touch with my bank and they were able to help in blocking the card. During my conversation with them, they told me that I can easily block my ATM card without having to contact the GTBank customer care line.

So in case, you are in this dilemma-that is, if you either lost your GTB ATM card or you misplaced it, there are ways you can quickly block the card to prevent some unscrupulous individuals from having access to your card.

Apart from theft or cases of misplacement, ATM card could also be damaged and become inactive. However, in this case, you might not need to block the Card.

So the guide I will be showing you here should only be carried out if you misplaced your card, if you were robbed of your ATM card or if it was stolen. Do not practice this if your ATM is still intact.

Code to Block GTBank ATM Card

You can block your GTB ATM card by dialling this simple code *737*51*10# from your registered mobile number.

You will receive a response to enter your NUBAN number, that is your GTB account number linked to the card.

Once you have entered the number, you will receive another response to press 1 to confirm if you will like to hotlist your card.

Go ahead to press 1 and send, your ATM card will be hot listed immediately.


You can call GTConnect on 08029002900 or 08039003900

Other ways you can contact GTBank are listed below

  • Telephone number: +23414480000
  •  Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Twitter: (for card queries)
  • Twitter: (for general complaints)
  • Email:
  • Website:

How to Block your GTB ATM Card using SMS

You can as well block or hotlist your GTB ATM card via SMS in case you lost or misplaced it.

To block or hotlist using SMS, text “HOTLIST (NUBAN)” to 08076665555. Note that your NUBAN is your 10-digit account number.

These are the various ways you can block your GTBank ATM card. After you have successfully blocked the card, you can now apply for a new GTB ATM card by visiting any branch of GTBank near you.

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