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Top 10 Android Hacks to Make the Most Out of Your Smartphone

Are you really making the most out of your Android smartphone? Comparison between the features of Android and iOS devices is a whole new debate but if you thought only iPhones could be customized and tweaked you were mistaken.

Android phones host some of the most useful and innovative features. And this list has been compiled to reflect the same – you will find below the top 10 hacks available on every variety of Android smartphones.

  1. Keep mobile apps private and secure

Most smartphone users want to keep their data secure especially when they have to share their device with someone. Since mobile phones follow the notion of private space, it’s self-explanatory as to why there would be a built-in feature which keeps both your files and apps private.

To enable this privacy feature, you will have to tap Settings and under the Security & Location option, enable Screen Pinning. Once enabled, you can individually pin all the apps you do not want others to view and use.

  1. Track your smartphone in real-time

Since Apple even has the Find My iPhone feature integrated into its AirPods, you might be wondering whether your Android smartphone has one or not. Well to your surprise, Google has introduced a phone safety feature for all Android devices, which functions the same way as iPhone’s device manager.

Find My Device lets you lock your Android phone remotely, and effortlessly saves you from the additional stress of a breach of your privacy until you are able to locate your phone. Once you lock your device, the access to your data will be blocked thus preventing any form of misuse.

  1. Keep a backup of data

You must have faced the dilemma of losing important files only to realize there was no backup to the files you just lost. This can become a huge ordeal when there is no probable way to retrieve those important documents – they are lost for good.

If however you own an Android smartphone, the answer to your dilemma already exists in your smart mobile device itself. Every Android smartphone has an in-built system for backup where you set it up beforehand to store your data.

  1. On-Body Detection Mode to unlock your phone

You already have one option to unlock your smartphone using the Trusted Places feature under the Smart Lock tab. But if that does not seem as effective or practical to you then the On-Body Detection Mode may be an easier unlocking option.

Having to continuously unlock your smartphone when commuting or when in any similar scenario can become quite a hassle. To quickly unlock your phone, this mode just asks the user their pin code and makes sure it does not lock itself until you have placed the device somewhere.

  1. Enable Guest Mode on Android devices

The newly launched Android smartphones have a Guest Mode feature that is beneficial for both the owner of the Android and the one who borrows the device for any number of reasons.  The Guest Mode allows access to numerous apps even if someone logs in under a temporary account – albeit these are the default apps that come preinstalled in your phone. At the same time, since the other person would be logging into the Guest Mode, they will not be able to access data critical to you. While if the borrower of the device, for instance, captures a picture or logs onto their Facebook account they wouldn’t have to worry about leaving data on another person’s device because it will remain within the domain of the Guest Mode.

  1. Use gestures to type with Glide Typing

Glide typing is a gesture control feature integrated into your Android phone’s keyboard. While it is enabled by default in some smartphones if it isn’t, you can enable it directly from the Settings app.

This feature proves helpful especially for those who have to type long sentences quickly yet faultlessly. It might confuse you at first but soon you will get a hang of sliding your fingers across the keyboard to type what you want.

  1. Disable your notifications for limited use

Taking the Do Not Disturb signs literally, even your Android device comes with a built-in Do Not Disturb feature. But this one pertains to app notifications you may want to block from viewing.

The feature has been designed to smartly detect notifications it must turn off and the ones it must not. This means your app notifications are not completely disabled but are limited for a certain time span.

  1. Customization options for widgets

Android smartphones have been designed in a manner that supports both customization and personalization. Since your phone is your very own personal space, you would want to align your screen as you deem fit. As a user, you have full leverage to create custom widgets for further interface customization.

If you want a specific design for your widgets then you can download some of the best Android widgets from the Google Play Store and customize each widget accordingly

  1. Complete access to Developer Options

While you might think to have access to developer options is of no use to you, it does have its benefits. Once you enable the Developer Options on your device, it becomes easier to customize your profile and monitor the device’s performance at any given time.

The best part is you can even disable software that unnecessarily bloats your internal storage. However, you will first have to view your phone’s internal statistics and insights and only then make the changes you want.

  1. Add and remove apps from Quick Settings

Android operating systems released before Marshmallow did not have the feature to customize the Quick Settings panel but the latest Android OS do. Since your smartphone has default app tiles, you can swipe the Quick Settings panel down and customize the apps shown, as you prefer. You can promptly customize the Quick Settings panel by dragging the default app tiles on to it or by adding new app shortcuts.


These Android hacks are ever-changing – they upgrade with the release of every new operating system. Living in the digital era, each technical advancement constitutes a stepping-stone as far as simplifying the connection between humans and their many interactive devices.

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