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Why Are Budget friendly Smartphones Getting Interesting?

In recent times, there has been an interesting trend in smartphones. The huge gap between the best and the ‘not so great’ has decreased dramatically. Today, apart from the price, it is more difficult to tell the difference between an expensive smartphone from an affordable one, because they all have similar features. Why is this happening?


The saying that budget smartphones are getting better is quite true, thanks to constant innovation. We now have budget smartphones with a great display and better design.

Fingerprint scanning and Face ID technology which were once exclusive features of high-end devices are now on budget smartphones. Despite the perception that budget smartphones are made from cheap material, we now have budget-friendly devices that run on the latest Android operating system with high-end features


Low-cost smartphones have been creeping closer to high-end performance, while year-on-year improvements to premium devices have been, well, marginal. But why is this happening? Could it be that some smartphone manufacturers just decide to put high prices on their smartphones? Because I really don’t see the rationale for spending so much on a device that shares the same features as another one that sells at a more affordable price.

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If you are in the market to get a quality budget-friendly smartphone with high-end features, the new TECNO Spark 2 smartphone is highly recommended. The device flaunts a beautifully crafted aesthetics, clear and bright cameras, Google latest Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition, fingerprint scanner, facial security ID scanner and massive 3500mAh battery capacity- and the retail price on this device makes this discussion more interesting.

For a smartphone with a magnitude of features it carries, one would expect that the new TECNO Spark 2 will come with a huge price tag, but the smartphone sells for as low as N36,200.

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