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CES Highlights That Cloud-Based Surveillance Is The Future

The market size for video surveillance is expected to reach $144 Billion by the year 2027, according to Valuates Reports. With a sizable market ahead, it isn’t surprising that there will be new pieces of innovation to help meet consumer demand. The annual CES show highlighted how cloud-based video surveillance is hot in the market. Video surveillance is also being eyed as a solution for dog abandonment and the future of smart cities.

Cloud-based Surveillance Is In

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) placed the highlight on the up-and-coming surveillance brands and tools that will be making an impact in the consumer market. Arlo, a camera-making brand, debuted their floodlight camera with night vision. Another brand, Sunflower Labs showed their home drone security. Essentially, what this highlights is that video surveillance systems that directly store recordings and data in cloud systems are the future of residential and commercial security.

Katy, Texas Installs Video Surveillance To Stop Dog Abandonment

The city of Katy in Texas announced that they will be installing a video surveillance system in their dog park. This is a response to the rise in dog abandonment incidents in the Katy Dog Park. Dog dumping is not only illegal, but also leads to overcrowding in the city’s pounds, according to Katy Police Chief Noe Diaz. The use of video surveillance will hopefully deter future incidents from occurring, and will help authorities track down offenders. The video cameras will be monitored by the police full-time to dispatch nearby officers to apprehend any owners that leave their pets in the park.

Video Surveillance Eyed To Improve Security In Smart Cities

Surveillance cameras that are integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies are eyed as a way to improve security in smart cities, according to Rishi Lodhia. The integration of smart surveillance systems will enable the gathering of data from several sources in an instant, making it a lot easier for authorities to address real-time incidents in smart cities. Partnering video surveillance with cloud technologies will ensure that authorities will have helpful tools like behavioral analysis software, facial recognition, data storage, and many others. 

There’s no understating the benefits that have been obtained because of video surveillance. In essence, it will continue to play a key role in the future of security. Consumers will need to ready themselves for the quantum leap in video surveillance innovation that will take place in the coming months and years.  

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