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How to Transfer Money From Diamond bank to other Banks

With the Diamond bank USSD code, you can transfer or send money from one bank to another in Nigeria. So We shall be taking a look at how you can activate and use the Diamond Bank transfer code to send money from Diamond Bank to other Banks in Nigeria. Diamond Bank has now merged with Access Bank, but the transfer code still works for an existing Diamond Bank account holder.

Diamond Bank USSD Money Transfer code

The use of mobile USSD transfer codes has made transactions very easy. And for Diamond Bank Y’ello account holders in Nigeria. They can easily send money with a Diamond bank transfer code.

After reading this post, you will know

  1. How to transfer money from one Diamond Bank Y’ello Account to another through the USSD Mobile Money transfer code.
  2. How to Send money from a Diamond bank account to another bank in Nigeria
  3. How to check Diamond Bank account Balance on the phone
  4. How to recharge your phone with Diamond Bank Airtime recharge code.

Diamond Bank USSD Code And their Uses

Transaction Type

 Diamond USSD Codes

Balance Enquiry*710*556*PIN#
Airtime Purchase*710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#
Bank to Bank Transfers*710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN#
Diamond Y’ello to Diamond Y’ello Transfers*710*710*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#
Bill Payments*710*123*PIN#

How Can I Activate Diamond Bank USSD Code?

Before you can use or activate Diamond Bank USSD Transfer Code on your phone, you must have registered your number for mobile money transfer.

Interestingly, the number you used when creating your account with Diamond Bank in the first instance has been activated for Diamond Bank mobile banking.

So once your phone number is activated to use Diamond bank mobile banking, you can now go ahead to transfer money from one bank to another

How can I Transfer money through Diamond Bank USSD Code?

To transfer money from one Diamond bank account to another account or from Diamond bank to other banks in Nigeria, follow the simple steps below.

What is the code to transfer money to Diamond Bank?

The Diamond bank general money transfer code is *710*Amount*Account Number# and is no longer *426*Amount*Account Number#

So to transfer money from the Diamond Y’ello Account to another Diamond Y’ello Account in Nigeria, simply Dial *710*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instruction.

It is that simple.

How Can I transfer Money from My Diamond Bank Account to other Banks in Nigeria?

To transfer money from your Diamond Bank to other Banks in Nigeria, Simply Dial *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN#

How Can I Check my Diamond Bank Account Balance on the Phone?

To check your Diamond Bank account balance on the phone is very easy. All you have to do is simply dial *710*556*PIN# and your Diamond bank account balance will show on your screen.

How to Recharge your phone with Diamond bank Code

To recharge your Phone with Diamond Bank Airtime Recharge Code, simply dial *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#.

You can as well contact Diamond Bank customer care representatives regarding all your inquiries about Diamond bank USSD codes and how you can use them

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  1. Instead of carrying out the transfer instructions I made with the transfer code a diamond yellow account was opened for me and I was given an account number instantly. Who says I need a diamond yellow account? I tried checking my acct balance and it says I do not have money in my diamond yellow account. So transfers can only be through diamond yellow account. Diamond bank Weldone o. I don’t need another account.

    • Me too, I don’t want another account abeg…which h one is yellow account again

  2. I have money in my account but If I try to transfer I will be told insufficient fund

  3. I have money in my account but I feel I try to transfer I will be told insufficient fund

  4. With DIALit – USSD Codes Dialer Android App, you don’t have to memorize or ask anyone for USSD code again.

    It is a ussd code dialer for 17 Nigerian banks and all mobile network operators.

    It doesn’t require internet to work and it’s a free app.

    You can use DIALit for Funds Transfer, Airtime and Data Top Up, Bills payment like postpaid and prepaid Electric bill, Internet and Cable TV subscriptions, and for typical mobile network ussd transactions like check airtime balance, load recharge pin, buy data, borrow airtime, etc.

  5. Please admin is 426 a new diamond transfer code I’m afraid to register with the code because is asking for my ATM card last 6 digit and my name

  6. Pls how do i register my number wit my acct. Bcos I have been trying to transfer and dey are telling me my number is not registered but dey send messages with the same number.

    • Pls how do i register my number wit my acct. Bcos I have been trying to transfer and dey are telling me my number is not registered but dey send messages with the same number.

      • Visit any branch of your Bank nearest to you to get your number registered. or Which number did you use to open the account? That is the number you should be using to do the transfer.

  7. i have been trying to transfer from my company account to another bank account without success. Diamond needs to work on there online banking that is not functioning.

  8. Diamond bank should better find a way to make live easy for we the customers, now they have provided a transfer Code, but it never works. Or can they just tell us the problem.

  9. i want to transfer money for somebody using diamond bank too and i haven’t done transfer before how do i do that.

  10. Man am having a little problem. I lost the number I used to an account and now I’m using another number. Do I have to go to the bank for correction and PIN??

  11. Comment Text* please am trying to transfer from my phone but not going through

  12. Am tying to register transfer on ma fone buh it’s requesting pin nd ave enter all d pin i could enter still yet it’s failed pls wat am i going to do.

  13. Pls sir am trying to transfer money with dis code *710*777*acct num*amut*pin# but it’s nt working

  14. Have also tried the transfer code here, still same story, diamondbank even said my pin has being blocked.

  15. Comment Text*i am trying to transfer from my phone,but not going afer several attemts

    Getting tired sef

  16. How do one generate a pin? It kept asking for OTP code which was never sent with several attempts.

    • I want to do a transfer to other bank without app and I dnt have a pin how do I do that

  17. Must i have diamond yello account before having code to transfer to another bank on my phone? this is bad

  18. Must a person have Y’ello Account before a person can do inter bank transfer?


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