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Face ID–Style Logins Might Debut on Andriod Q

Information online has revealed that the Android Q might be coming with what most users have been expecting, Face ID. The details of what this feature will bring to devices running on iOS is still pretty scanty. There is a proof that the next Android Q build might have hardware support for facial authentication.

Earlier this month, developers from XDA got a clue of the build of the Android Q and they started sharing the features as they uncover them. According to some codes they uncovered, It seems Google is already supporting phones that run on hardware for facial recognition – that is like the way that Apple phones use multiple sensors to authenticate people via Face ID.

Every code that the XDA developers dug up in the Android Q build were all referencing facial recognition. The error codes they saw in the Android Q build will tell users to look directly to the sensor or to move the phone closer so as to authenticate or alert the users that their device does not have the right hardware.

Another code string that the site found interesting in the Android Q build is


Name=˝security_settings_face_enroll_introduction_message˝>Use your face to unlock your phone,authorize purchases, or sign in to apps.</string>

What the whole thing means is that with your facial authentication, you can sign in to apps and make purchases just like Apple Face ID.

If you are not comfortable with the face ID, there is also another code that will help you to disable it but can only be performed by the device administrator.

Which Phones will come with Face ID?

According to XDA developers, the Pixel 3 XL did not come with the Face ID. According to them, the phone does not have the necessary hardware to execute such a task. We are still waiting for official confirmation from Google about the face ID on Android Q

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