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How to use Google Lens in Nigeria

See how to use Google Lens for all android devices. Good news for all Android smartphones owners as Google lens is now available on all Android devices. Google lens was announced last year on Google pixel devices but according to Google, all Android phones users will be able to access all the features of Google lens provided they update their current Google photo app or download the latest version.

With Google lens, You will be able to get more details or take action on your photo

Let’s say you take a photo of a building, museum or a Business card, Google lens will provide you with more details or reviews about the building or museum. I was able to update the Google photo app on my TECNO Phantom 6 Plus and below is my initial test of its functionalities.

Google lens providing information about Omu Resort in Nigeria

how to use google lens in Nigeria
The texts on the image copied by Google lens

You can as well extract text from the picture you took and viewed via Google photo, With Google lens, You can save phone number or address to a contact from a Business Card. Which is something I found very interesting and many people will find it handy as well.

From the looks of things, it suffices to say that Google lens works just like Samsung Bixby. You can even take a picture if a Book you found in the library and Google lens will provide reviews and other details about it.

Google lens

Released exclusively for Google Pixel smartphones in October 2017, the Lens is now available to other Android users. The company made the announcement on Twitter, and there’s a chance the feature will be coming to iOS in the future as well.

How To Use Google Lens On Android

1. Simply download or update the Google Photos app.

2. Open an image on the Google Photos app.

3. Click on the Lens icon located at the bottom bar

Google will now scan the image using its advanced searching technology and bring up relevant information using visual analysis.

You will get to see all the important information and details of the Photograph. You can as well direct your smartphone’s camera to an object and Lens will do its job. Attempt to identify the object and show important and relevant search results and information about what’s on the photograph.

Google Lens uses more realistic advanced intense search and learning routines. Just like what we saw in Bixby Vision which is in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Additionally, the Image Analysis Toolset which is on the Google Play Store works like the Lens but not quite. Lens uses artificial neural networks which quickly detect and identify objects and landmarks.

With the above steps, you will be able to know how to use Google lens anywhere in the world

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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