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Google Pixel 8 Pro Color and Storage Models Leak

Google is a global tech power, and they have evolved from Being only a search engine into a powerhouse with various ventures. One of the adventures is the pixel smartphone brand that has gotten a lot of fanbase over the years. They are getting ready to release the picture on each row, and there have been little to no details about the phones.

Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Color and Storage Options Leak

Over the last few weeks, there have been leaks about the devices from different sources; the recent one concerns storage and color. According to Roland Quandt, a reputable tech journalist, the best storage for the Pixel 8 Pro will start from 128GB to 512GB, aligning with what we had on the Pixel 7 Pro. He also stated that each picture would be capped at 256GB and 128GB, respectively.

The closest competing brands offer up to 512GB storage on the base model of their flagship devices. This will keep us in limbo of what the Pixel 8 is trying to do and how it’s trying to be different. Consumers have the final say and know what they need when buying a phone.

Another exciting thing about the upcoming picture series is the modified color palette. Different sources have confirmed that they will be three colors for both models. Licorice, Peony, and Haze for the Pixel 8, and Porcelain, Licorice, and Sky for the Pixel 8 Pro. The exact color shade remains a mystery, but there are talks of potential false color, which is jade.

We are eagerly waiting for The pixel phones to be released in October. What do you think about Pixel 8 and the 8 Pro color options and storage space? Let us know in the comments section.

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