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How to Access and Retrieve Photos on Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a cloud storage service from Samsung. There is no better place to store your files, documents, music, videos e.t.c other than the cloud.

But it’s not all about storing those files, what of when you need them back? That’s why we have come up with this tutorial article to show you how to access and retrieve photos on Samsung Cloud.

Samsung is giving out free 15GB of cloud storage on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series. Users of the Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 8 and Note 9 can also sign up for the service and get their own free storage space.

How to Access and Retrieve Photos on Samsung Cloud

Below is how you can both access and retrieve your photos on Samsung Cloud;

  1. On your PC, go to the Windows store and search for the “Samsung Gallery App”. Download and Install the app on your PC.
  2. After downloading and installing, Open the Samsung Gallery app.
  3. Go to the “Settings menu”, and select “Samsung Cloud”.
  4. Log in with the Samsung details you used on the Samsung Galaxy phone whose data you want to retrieve.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll have access to all your photos, videos, files, and documents, which will now sync into your PC. The process will depend on how fast your internet connection is and the file size it is syncing.
  6. Once the sync process is completed, you’ll have all your files on your PC.

This is a simple way to access and retrieve photos on Samsung Cloud. Make sure your PC runs on the Windows operating system.

If you’re a macOS user, am sorry to say it but you won’t be able to access Samsung Cloud at least for now. Note that USA network carriers refer to “Samsung Cloud” as “Galaxy Cloud”. In some devices, it is known as “Samsung Backup and Restore or Personal Data Management”.

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