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How To Buy Data On Glo Network with USSD Codes

Here is a guide on how to buy data on the Glo network. Glo is known nationwide as the grandmaster of data. You can learn how to easily buy data on Glo by scrolling down this post. Compared to others in the game, Globacom Limited has the cheapest data plans.

The company’s data plans are very affordable and flexible. You can simply dial a code to see all the data plans or you can just subscribe to a particular plan automatically. If your Glo network is slow then you need to up your game and upgrade your SIM to 4G to enjoy a fast 4G LTE internet connection.

How to See the Full List Of Data Plans On Glo

To see all the data goodies Glo offers, simply dial *777# and send it from a Glo number. We highly recommend you dial this first because when data plans are updated, you will see it there first. From there, you can see all the plans available including promos, and even check your balance. Just follow the prompt you see when you dial the code to be able to subscribe to your preferred data plan.

How to Buy Data On Glo With USSD Code

If you are already used to a particular data plan you enjoy subscribing to on Glo then you can simply dial the Codes below to subscribe to a specific data plan. This should save you the stress of having to follow an annoying prompt.

To buy Data on Glo Network, you can get started by Dialling *777#.

  • 1.6GB Data Plan with 30 days validity for N1,000,  Send 53 to 127 (dial *127*53#).
  • 3.65GB with 30 days validity for N2,000, Send 55 to 127 (dial *127*55#).
  • 5.75GB 30 days validity for N2,500. Send 58 to 127 (dial *127*58#).
  • 7GB Glo Data Plan: Always Macro with 30 days validity for N3,000, Send 54 to 127 (dial *127*54#).
  • 10GB Glo Data Plan for 4,000 Plan (30 days Validity), Send 59 to 127 (dial *127*59#).
  • 12.5GB Glo Data Plan: Always Min with 30 days validity for N5,000, Send 11 to 127 (dial *127*2#).
  • 20GB Glo Data Plan – Always Max with 30 days validity for N8,000, Send 12 to 127 (dial *127*1#).
  • 26GB Data Plan – 30 days validity for N10,000, Send 15 to 127 (dial *127*11#).
  • 42GB Glo Data Plan – 30 days validity for N15,000, Send 16 to 127 (dial *127*12#).


This is how to buy data on the Glo network. You can also dial *131# and follow the prompts to check your balance.

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