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How to Check Nigeria 2023 Election Result on INEC Website

The 2023 Presidential and Federal House of Assembly has been concluded, but you can check the result on the INEC website. For a breakdown of the Official figures. Here is how to check Nigeria’s 2023 election results on the INEC website. The method applies to the gubernatorial election and the State house of assembly.

INEC implemented technology into the electoral process, and it played a role to some extent, either positive or Negative. They include IREV, which stands for INEC Result Viewing Portal, which we will discuss here. The other one is BVAS, and we have another detailed explanation of what it is.

Using the IREV portal allows access to the general public and interested parties to view the result online. It provided real-time transmission from the polling units to the collation center. The picture uploaded to the platform will be converted to a PDF before it’s uploaded to the portal.

How to Check Nigeria 2023 Election Result on INEC Website

Here are the steps required to access the results viewing Portal:

  • Visit the Website: IREV Portal
  • You will see a breakdown of the results according to state, local government, ward, and polling unit
  • You can check anywhere in Nigeria by clicking the link above.
  • You don’t need to sign up; it is available, and you can even track Senatorial, Gubernatorial, and any other 2023 Elections.

The results were uploaded to the IREV portal using the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS). It was introduced in 2021 alongside the IREV Portal. The BVAS serves as an Accreditation Device to verify the ownership of a PVC valid and to make the elections credible.

 It also doubles as a photography machine to capture and upload results to the IREV. The machine will also prevent overvoting since it will capture the total number of valid voters in a Polling Unit.


Using the IREV during the election was challenging because of the challenges of a Good internet connection. There were also violence and misconduct by electoral officials at polling units that undermined the use of the IREV portal.

If you have any questions regarding how to check Nigeria 2023 Election Result on INEC Website, please ask in the comment section.

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