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How To Access & Customize Control Center On iPhone X

Finding the control centre was so much easier on older iPhone models until Apple decided to shake up things in their new super-premium flagship, the iPhone X. Apple dropped some features from the iPhone X, surprisingly. They trimmed out some of them, like the good old physical home button that you and I really loved. They didn’t just stop there, they tweaked some pretty amazing features too.

The control centre was one of the gestures that were tinkered with by the Californian firm annoyingly.

Use And Access Control Center On iPhone X

If you wanted to fiddle with the control centre, perhaps you felt like turning up the brightness of your device, or the volume, it was much easier on older iPhone models. Your Bluetooth, flashlight, the Do Not Disturb mode feature and so much more was just one quick flick away. A quick swipe up from the bottom of your device screen would display the control centre. It was easy! It was fast! And you could do it all with just one hand!

How To Use And Access Control Center On iPhone & iPad

If you probably got one of the iPhone X then. And you didn’t think twice before getting it. Little did you know it could turn out to be such a bug, and accessing something as important as the control centre would consume more brain power. No quarrels here, the iPhone X is absolutely amazing.

But, how do you access a gesture as important as the Control Centre on your iPhone X without getting lost or left out in the cold?

Keep reading, let us show you how.

How To Easily Open And Access The Control Centre On Your iPhone X

Swiping down from the bottom of your iPhone X screen no longer brings up the control centre like on its predecessors. When you do, your device takes you back to the Home Screen, a feature done by pressing down the physical Home key on older devices. Other times, it just closes the app you’re currently on.

To get started, grab your device…

  • From the screen of your iPhone X, place your finger at the top right-hand corner of your device’s display, where you can find the front-facing camera.

Still confused? It is part of your iPhone X that shows/displays the status icon for your battery, Wi-Fi and more.

  • With your finger still stuck up there, drag it all the way down. A simple pull even midway will do the trick, pulling out a rectangular tray. That tray is the Control centre. Now, you can finally toggle or fiddle with your flashlight, music, volume, even access your battery info and so much more.

Sometimes, this can be difficult if you have smaller hands unless you have bigger hands. It makes reaching for the Control centre a little bothersome since you have to grip and touch your device at the same time.

  • So, to get this even better next time, you might want to hold your phone a little up, above the midway, given the height and width of the iPhone X.
  • Then, use your thumb to pull down the Control centre from the top right-hand corner of your iPhone X.
  • Can’t get it right still? No one says you can’t hold your device with one hand. Use one hand to hold it and use the other to navigate your device’s Control centre.
  • To return back to your device’s Home screen or to dismiss the Control centre, just swipe back up to make it disappear. Or you could simply tap anywhere on your iPhone X large screen, but outside the Control centre area.

How to customize the Control Center On iPhone X

Your iPhone X also allows you to customise the control centre to your taste. You can tweak the control centre by adding things like Low Power Mode toggle, Notes shortcut, Voice memos and so much more.

To perform this function, tap on the Settings icon, on your device’s display.

  1. Go to the Control centre, then Customise controls.
  2. To add to the list of features already on the Control centre tray, tap the green plus icon.
  3. You don’t like the default arrangement? Use the handle icon to move features up or down the list. To remove any control feature you don’t like, tap on the red minus icon.

Remember, any changes made here will reflect on the Control centre tray the next time you pull it down from the top right-hand corner of your iPhone X screen. Is this helpful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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