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How To Convert Videos From one format to Another Online

See how to convert videos online. With this quick and easy steps listed below, you can easily convert all your videos from one format to another. Sometimes, we need to convert a video from one format to another, and we don’t want to download unnecessary and untrustworthy apps.

Yes, you can easily convert videos online without installing any app or program. it’s also quicker and easier to use an online site. Although, some sites add watermark to your videos when you convert the videos. Some even take hours, while others request you watch so many adds. Without further ado, this is how to convert videos online.

1. Use the Apowersoft launcher

This top-rated tool is one of the best online converters there is. Apart from being easy to use, powerful and adaptable, there are lots of export formats to choose from. You can also convert multiple videos at once

Just visit the Apowersoft Online Video Converter and tap ‘Select files to start’. You’ll get a prompt message to download and run the small launcher application on the site. It will only take a moment, you can click “OK” when it’s done.

2. Upload

You can now upload videos from your PC that you wish to convert. There are lots of formats to choose from MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV and lots more. Once you select the file/video, click “Open”. Your video will now be converting, you’ll be able to see the thumbnail image, running time and dimensions as well. More information about the file will be revealed when you click the “i” button. While the first video is converting, you can add more videos to the queue. But if you want to change them to a different format, then you’ll need to upload them separately.

3. Edit

Where do I start from, there are lots of editing tools on Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. You can cut off some parts of the video you don’t like, you can access the advanced settings by clicking on the pencil icon as well. Easily add an image to them as a custom watermark, insert lots of filters, change the play speed, flip or mirror it, cut it down to a square to easily upload on Instagram and lots more. Click “Ok” when you’re done editing.

4. Convert

After editing, you can now choose the output format for your clips. Select from MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and lots more. While converting, you can also get the audio from your video separately as MP3 format. When you click the cog icon, you get to adjust the resolution, bitrate and frame rate of the video. There are lots of other features as well.

5. Save

There’s a progress bar for each of the videos converting when they are done, you can open them in the output folder, save them or share them on social networks.

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