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How To Sign up on NETFLIX for Free

How to sign up for free on Netflix. We all know that Netflix is an American entertainment company owned by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph which focuses on streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD. In terms of the latest series and premier entertainment, Netflix is rated 1# with millions of users. Here you will learn how to sign up for free on Netflix,  create an account on Netflix, how to subscribe on Netflix and how much is Netflix subscription costs.

How to sign up For Free on Netflix  (Netflix Sign Up without credit card Charge )

If you have ever wondered how to sign up for free on Netflix, this step-by-step guide is aimed to show you how you can create an account on NETFLIX

First, you have to download the NETFLIX app on Google playstore, the Apple Store, or simply Visit the NETFLIX Website to register for free. You have the option to use it free in the first month.

  • Click on First month free
  • Then enter your email address and the password you can easily remember,
  • Click on Register and you will be directed to enter your credit card details, you can use PayPal or debit card.
  • Then choose your preferred payment method and enter your credit card information as seen on the picture below. And click on start membership.
  • No matter the plan you choose, you will have the following features
  • Unlimited access to movies and TV shows on Netflix.
  • Can cancel at any time and the first month is free.
  • Can stream from your laptop, phone or tablet.

NETFLIX three Plan You can subscribe to are

Basic Plan (Price: US$7.99 per month)

Basic plan offers you only the ability to stream from one device at a time and you cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD.

Standard Plan (Price: US$9.99 per month)

With this plan, you can stream all videos in HD and you the option to stream from 2 devices at a time.

Premium Plans (Price: US$11.99 per month)

This is the most expensive of the three plans, it will set you back by $11.99 and you can stream all contents both in HD and Ultra HD. If you have up to four devices, you can watch on any of them at a time. That is it on how to sign up on Netflix for free. You can cancel your one-month free subscription any time and you won’t be charged. NETFLIX will even email you three days before your free trial ends.

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