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How to Print Screen on Mac

If you have a mac and you are looking for ways to print your screen or screen shot then there are different methods. In this article, we are going to share how to print screen on mac. Apple software has different ways of letting you take shots of your screen and you can easily mark and delete them.

The methods we are going to share here today will work with some older MacBooks and the new M1 and M2 macs. Apple laptops can be confusing especially at first timers but knowing these shortcuts can make them easier to use. Here are the different methods to print your screen on a Mac.

How to Print Screen on Mac

There are different methods used to print your screen on a mac and we will share them below:

First Method: CMD-Shift-5

The method was introduced in 2018 and we are talking about the macOS Mojave. If you press Cmd-Shift-5 at the same time, you will get a small menu at the bottom of your display with options you can use to print your screen. There are buttons that will allow you to take screenshots of your entire display, a selection of your display, or a window.

You can also use the buttons to record your entire screen in video format. There is also an option to record a portion of your display. You can exit the menu by simply pressing the X button on the menu or by clicking the Esc key. There is also an option button by the right that lets you choose where you save your printed screens. You can also move the screenshot menu on the display by grabbing the left edge and moving it where ever you want.

Second Method: CMD-Shift-3

The second method is probably the easiest method of all, but you don’t get some options like others. If you press CMD-Shift-3 at once you will get a screen print of your entire display. The shortcuts let you snapshot your screen and share it quickly with others. If you are looking for how to print a screen on Mac then this is the fastest.

Third Method: CMD-Shift-4

You can use this keyboard shortcut and turn your cursor into a crosshair. It can then be dragged to any area of your display to print. You simply take a screen shot by releasing your mouse after reaching any area on your screen.

If you press and release the space bar the crosshair turns to a mini camera icon. You can now move it around and click to take any screenshots. The printed screens taken with this method are distinctive with white borders and a bit of a drop shadow.

 If you press and hold the space bar after highlighting a particular area and releasing your mouse or trackpad, it locks the shape and size of your selection. You can reposition your selection on the screen though. Once you release the mouse button you will print the screen.

If you hold the shift key, it will lock all the sides of an area made with the cross-hair. You can move your mouse within the locked area before capturing the area. It is an easy way to print screen on mac.

Rounding Up

If you have been searching for how to print screen on Mac then this will be very useful. The methods above are used by a lot of MacBook users. If you have any questions kindly use the comment section below to ask. We will be glad to reply and help you in case you have any problems.

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