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How to Speed Up Your Old iPhone or iPad, if they are slow

Is your iPhone or iPad getting slow? see how to Speed Up Your Old iPhone or iPad with these simple tricks. Smartphones generally get slow over time as newer and faster chipset are released to replace the old ones. Apps, games and softwares are also updated regularly to take advantage of the newer and faster chipsets to perform better.

Now, it’s understandable that not everyone has the option or enough to get a new and faster phone so when your current phone starts to slow down, it can become a problem. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to speed up your iPhone or iPad and we will be listing them here.

How To Speed Up Your iPhone or iPad

Restart Your iPhone/iPad

Restarting your iPhone or iPad can significantly boost its performance as it clears all background apps giving the phone a fresh start. This is usually the first thing everyone recommends on a slow smartphone and it actually works. To do this on your iPhone or iPad, just press and hold the power button then slide the on-screen Power Icon to turn it off. Give it a little time then turn it back on. Doing this will speed up your device.

Reduce Animations

The transition from one app to another or from one screen to another is done with a transition effect also called animations. You might or might not have noticed this but it takes a chunk in the processing power of your phone for this thereby causing your smartphone to slow down. Turning this off won’t affect anything on your phone and most people might not even notice the difference when it is turned off. To do this, you’ll have to go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion >> Turn it on.

You can also go back and Click on Increase Contrast and turn on the “Reduce Transparency” using the slider. This will make the Control centre turn black and white so as not to show the Icons underneath. This also contributes in Speeding up your phone.

Free Up Space By Deleting Unused Apps

Unused Apps are also the caused of slow iPhones and iPads, these apps take up space on your phone and make the phone super slow. So if you have some apps you’re using on your phone then the best thing to do is to delete it which will give your phone a considerable performance boost. Also, you shouldn’t let your storage space get full as that also slows down the phone. You can delete files to free up space and always makes sure that you have enough free space on your iPhone or iPad.

In order free up space, consider using Apple’s apps instead of using a third part app from the Apple App store. Need a browser ? Use Safari or Chrome, you don’t need 5 browsers. Need a note App ? Use Apple’s Note. Only download Apps that are extremely important and doesn’t have an alternative already installed on your phone.

Stop Background App Refreshes

Background App Refreshes are also a know memory killer and it causes the CPU to work at interval and when so many apps are using the CPU resources all at once in the background, the phone is bound to slow down. Stopping certain apps from refreshing in the background can help your phone run faster. To do this, simply go to Settings >> General >> Background App Refreshes. From here you can turn off all apps from refreshing in the background with the toggle/slider or turn off each app individually.

Note: Turning off background refresh for certain apps may cause the app to receive notification late or not at all until you open then. We recommend leaving apps like WhatsApp, Gmail and some other important apps for prompt delivery of messages/e-mails.


If you after trying the above solutions and you still don’t notice any speed improvement on your iPhone or iPad then you might to factory reset your device but first, make sure you back up your data.

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