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Infinix & JBL Announce New Partnership

Infinix talked about their new 180W charging technology last year. And they also released a phone with a 200Mp main camera. The brand is still looking to improve its phones even more as they set out to compete on the global stage.

Infinix and JBL just announced a new partnership for their next-generation Note series of phones. The next Note Series device will have its audio tuned by JBL. It is also expected that the first phone JBL and Infinix are working on together will be available for purchase by May 2023. The prototype phones are currently on display at CES at the JBL exhibit stall.

In 2022, they made major moves with their Infinix Zero 20 and the Infinix Zero Ultra. The Zero Ultra is one of the fastest-charging phones right now and it’s also one of the few with a 200MP camera lens. Another major device from Infinix in 2022 is the Infinix Zero 20 with a 60MP selfie camera with OIS. It is the largest pixel count on any smartphone to date. The brand has started showing us what they are truly capable of and this new partnership is a step in the right direction.

They have dominated the African market and their new roadmap shows they want to compete in more advanced markets. Last year they released a ton of phones and it seems they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. More details about the partnership are expected to follow and we will be here to cover it all.

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