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List of TECNO Devices to Get Android 10

If you are in Africa or in some parts of Asia then you must have heard about TECNO or even used one of their numerous smartphones.

TECNO phones like many other smartphone manufacturers run on the Android operating system.

Now, Google recently released Android 10 after a series of successful beta testing a lot of smartphones have already started getting the update.

Now, if you own TECNO smartphone you might be wondering if your device will at some point get the update. Of course, it will be skinned with TECNO’s HiOS if it eventually arrives.

Before we go to the list of TECNO devices that will be receiving the Android 10 update, let’s see what exactly the Android Q update brings.

Android 10 Features

Dark Mode

Dark Mode mode is a new feature that comes with Android 10. Although, some devices might have this feature already as their smartphone maker might have included this feature on their Skin. However, if your Android device doesn’t have dark mode already, then it will definitely arrive alongside the Android 10 update.

Dark mode helps reduce the amount of white light on your screen when activated, turning everything white to black in most apps and the overall UI. This is particularly useful when it reduces eye strain. It can also reduce battery drain slightly when activated if your device has an AMOLED display.

Gesture-Based Navigation

We saw a little bit of this with Android 9.0 and with Android 10, it goes a step further by making navigation on your smartphone gestures based. This gets rid of the standard three-button Navigation we know on Android and you’ll have to swipe around to make things happen.

You can swipe back on your screen to go back, swipe front to move forward, sweet up from the bottom edge to swipe between apps. There is still an option to go back to the old way of navigating if you just aren’t ready for gestures just yet.

Security Updates

Security Updates are provided by Google every month and when that happens, it is now the work of your smartphone maker to take this update and send it to your device. This has been easy for the smartphone makers which makes them, in some case, send security updates to their device once in like 6months.

This is an issue as your phone is vulnerable during that period. However, Android 10 changes all that as Google will now send security updates via the Google play store directly to your phone and you can download it the same way you download your apps. This way, your device stays up-to-date in terms of security.

There are a lot of other features but I’m starting to digress, so let’s get right down to the list of TECNO devices that’ll be getting the update.

List of Android 10 Supported TECNO Devices

For now, the only TECNO device guaranteed to get Android 10 is the TECNO Spark 3 Pro as it was part of the beta testing phase. With that said, devices released this year running Android 9.0 Pie has a high chance of getting the Android 10 update. Devices like this following;

Now, there is no confirmation on the above devices getting the Android 10 but if TECNO wants to roll out Android 10 updates to their existing smartphones, these will be first in line.

Also, TECNO has been known to roll out at least one software update to their smartphones and since these devices all came out this year with Android 9.0 Pie, they ought to get Android 10.

Other devices from previous years that was also rumoured to get the Android 10 updates to include the following;


If your device isn’t among the ones mentioned above then it might be time for you to get a new smartphone if you want to experience Android 10. Once TECNO starts rolling out the updates, we’ll update this list with the ones that have gotten the update.

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