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Microsoft Window phones more secure than Android

Android has been the choice for the majority number of smartphone makers, and that’s the major reason why Google’s platform managed to grab a market share of 80 per cent.

The recent claim by HP is pitching it against Android while Microsoft on the other hand is committed to working with its partners on enhancing the Windows 10 Mobile experience.

HP has already launched its super flagship Elite X3 with Windows 10 Mobile, although Android could have offered much more features than Microsoft’s operating system.

HP is a statement for on MSFT said that adoption of Windows 10 Mobile over Android was mostly based on security reasons, as the company wanted Elite X3 to excel in the security department. The slideshows provided show that Windows 10 Mobile is much more secure than Android. The fragmentation of the Android OS is also one of the reasons it chose Windows 10 Mobile over Google’s OS.

HP claims there are at least 75,000 known security threats in the Android platform, while a graph shows that 36 per cent of the Android devices still running on KitKat. The company believes Windows 10 Mobile has some advantages over the Android platform, but this doesn’t mean the Windows platform is a flawless OS.

They were particularly interested in universal apps, which Microsoft has been working on these days, explaining that lack of apps is not a matter of concern for the platform since essential apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are already available on the platform. The company also names legacy app virtualization and compatibility as other major reasons to choose Windows 10 Mobile over Android.

If the rumours are to be believed, then a consumer-centric Windows phone could be launched in the first quarter of 2017, but neither HP nor Microsoft has confirmed the reports. 

For the Android fans out there it may be hard to believe that window phones are more secure than the Android operating system.

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