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Minspy Review: The Best WhatsApp Spying App

Modern communication devices are the best evolution of this era. Gone are the days when you had to post letters to your loved ones and wait for months to get a reply. Nowadays, people residing miles apart are a click away.

Along with these conveniences, modern ways of communication also give a boost to many social issues. Parents are worried about the bad company of their kids whereas people in a relationship are stressed over the extra possessiveness of their spouse for cell phones.

Monitoring someone’s mobile phone to track their activities is not a child’s play. Hackers learn complex coding methodologies to hack anyone’s smart device. However, here we have an expedient solution to ease your worries.

Online Spying Applications

Finding an online application that would help you to keep an eye on your loved ones is a time-taking job. You have to search the web for a spy application that should get all the information easily. Whereas, many scammers are there to trick you.

Well, you don’t have to worry at all. We have tried and tested many spying applications and got the best one for you. These online utilities are not less than a spy agent as you can monitor your kid’s and spouse 24*7.

Minspy-Smart Spy Agent

Minspy is a well-reputed brand in the market as there wouldn’t be any second solution when You can try Minspy for the first time. It is packed with security, reliability, and many useful features that would help you in monitoring the online activities of your loved ones.

Minspy would assist you to do the things which professional hackers can’t even do. It employs cutting edge technology to help you in monitoring over others effortlessly. The featured utilities of Minspy are developed with efficiency to offer value-added services.


Minspy is designed with a self-descriptive interface to assist you in spying. With a million subscribers, Minspy has got recognition from international media channels. Forbes, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Life wire, and PCMag are some of the platforms which featured Minspy.

Guide to Spy on WhatsApp with Minspy

Minspy is undoubtedly the best WhatsApp spying App. Minspy is the only solution you need to spy over anyone’s online conversations especially WhatsApp messages.

There is no rocket science required to use Minspy. All you have to do is follow this 2-minute procedure to use it.

Step 1:


Create your account from the official webpage of Minspy. Provide a valid email id and set a complicated password. Your email address will be required to login to your account after the Signup process ends.

Step 2:


This step involves selecting the target device type. You should know the operating system used by the target person. WhatsApp installed on different mobile phones is monitored differently yet the basic idea is the same. For installation purpose, read these guidelines:

  • Monitor on WhatsApp installed on the iOS device

The iCloud connectivity of an iOS device has made monitoring over them simple and easy. You can remotely install Minspy on anyone’s iPhone by accessing their iCloud credentials. Minspy secretly gathers WhatApp data from iCould server so there is no risk of being caught.

  • Monitor on WhatsApp installed on Android device

If you are trying to monitor WhatsApp installed on the Android system, things are a little bit different. Get the target device in your hands once to install Minspy. It’s a one time access as Minspy will get the required information remotely by keeping your identity hidden.

Step 3:

Finish the installation wizard to begin spying on WhatsApp remotely. Minspy dashboard is the place where you can manage the monitored information. You can read their conversation even if the messages are deleted from their mobile phone. Minsoy dashboard is supported by all web browsers so there is no are no compatibility issues.


Minspy is less than 2MN thus installed promptly without generating any notifications. The logo vanishes from the target mobile phone’s app drawer so that the user could never find it in the installed app list. Minspy doesn’t drain the battery and keeps running in the background.

What makes Minspy Best Spying Application

Minspy is developed by the best programmers to do the unexpected without any technical expertise. WhatsApp is the most encrypted messaging application while Minspy can even crack it within minutes. The benefits of Minspy which made it leading spy application include:

  • Social Media Tracking

There isn’t anything that Minspy can’t do. Either it is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or any other social networking site, Minspy can handle it all. You can track all social media platforms and track their conversation secretly by installing Minspy.

  • Privacy Protection

Usually, when you spy over anyone, you are always worried about being caught. Minspy never saves your personal details so there is no risk of identity theft. Developers are not even allowed to check your personal information so that you can enjoy trouble-free spying.

  • Android Keylogger

When you need to track each and every bit of data typed at the target device, the keylogger feature of Minspy is all you need. It records all the key presses made on the target mobile phone secretly. Either it is their login information or messages, you can get them all remotely.

  • ●      User Support

Minspy is not only an error-free application but it comes up with 24*7 user support. Either it is a technical issue or you don’t understand the system, Minspy support teams work round the clock to support you. We ensure that all your queries get answered and resolved.

  • Track Browser History

With the help of Minspy, you can check what your loved ones used to browse in their leisure time. You can check the most visited websites from their mobile phone and the bookmarked pages they usually read. Minspy keeps history backup even if they clear their recent tabs.

  • No Root/Jailbreak Needed

Minspy will never ask you to reset the target device to track anyone’s WhatsApp messages. Minspy is developed to help the beginners who don’t know the complex programming languages. It works without jailbreaking the target device and tracks data in stealth mode.


Minspy is not less than your personal spy agent. You cannot only read their WhatsApp messages but tracking real-time location has made it easier with Minspy. It allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones without being tracked. The popularity of Minspy is behind its security and safety measures. You can get every bit of information saved on the target device without learning any programming skills with Minspy.

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