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MIUI 10 Debuts; Focuses on Camera Enhancements, AI and Gestures

Xiaomi’s latest operating system the MIUI 10 is finally here, the operating system was introduced alongside the company’s smartphone flagship series, the Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 SE. The MIUI 10 has been highly anticipated by lots of Xiaomi’s smartphone lovers. The company also released the list of smartphones that will receive the update and when they will get it.

The new UI focuses more on smartphones with a high screen-to-body ratio like the Mi 8 trio smartphones, Mi Mix series and others. Nonetheless, the UI will reach a broad range of Xiaomi smartphones, even those with navigation buttons on the bottom bezel. Just as we saw on the MIUI 9.5, which introduced the navigation gestures to take over software buttons, Xiaomi is taking it further on the MIUI 10.

Xiaomi miui 10

The interface now helps you make most of the full-screen experience, including swiping up to standby and more. The app menu now displays more apps, giving you a better view of the apps since it’s a big screen. The notification bar wasn’t exempted as well in terms of upgrade, all this to make the full-screen more classy and pleasant to the eyes. The old drop-down menu will now be broken down into bits on the screen, giving you a different vibe visually.

miui 10

The MIUI 10 also brings out interesting performance improvements compared to the 9.5. The company brought in the trending AI features, with an AI powered software which constantly learns from what you do day by day and adapts to it. It will now automatically help minimize the load times of certain apps and actions that you do daily. The new car mode on the new interface helps navigate on your daily commute and optimizes the layout on your phone. This will help you navigate better while driving with very few distractions. There’s also a voice command in the car mode that helps you change the route as well.

If you’re still using a Xiaomi smartphone with a single rear camera, the new MIUI 10 will help you take bokeh portraits with the new AI-enhanced camera features. With the AI, the single shooter will analyze the depth of the scene and the subject takes beautiful portraits without needing a second sensor. More notification sounds are available on the new user interface that mimics nature sounds, this will make your notifications more welcoming and pleasing.

The full list of Xiaomi smartphones that will receive the new MIUI 10 update

Late June:

  1. Mi 8 and all of its alterations
  2. Mi Mix 2S
  3. Mi Mix 2
  4. Mi Mix
  5. Mi 6X (Mi A2)
  6. Mi 6
  7. Mi 5
  8. Mi Note 2
  9. Redmi S2
  10. Redmi Note 5

Late July:

  1. Mi Note 3
  2. Mi 5X (Mi A1)
  3. Mi 5c
  4. Mi 5s
  5. Mi 5s Plus
  6. Mi 4
  7. Mi 4c
  8. Mi 4s
  9. Mi Max 2
  10. Mi Max
  11. Redmi 5
  12. Redmi 5A
  13. Redmi 5 Plus
  14. Redmi 4
  15. Redmi 4A
  16. Redmi 4X
  17. Redmi 3S/3X
  18. Redmi Pro
  19. Redmi Note 5A
  20. Redmi Note 5A Prime (Y1)
  21. Redmi Note 4
  22. Redmi Note 4X
  23. Redmi Note 3 (all versions)
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