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Google Adds Three New Phones To Project Fi

Tech giant, Google has added three new smartphones to Project Fi. They are the Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ and the LG V35 ThinQ. Although only the Moto G6 is available for pre-order at the moment, others will be available for Pre-order before mid-June. Google didn’t state when exactly when the two other smartphones from LG will be available for Pre-order.

This might depend solely on LG, but Google thinks it’s also a good thing the smartphones aren’t available for sale at the moment. They went on saying it will help prospective Fi customers to have more choice when it comes to selecting a phone to go with the new service. The Moto G6 is available for Pre-order through Project Fi for just $199, that’s actually $50 less than its selling price of $249 on shopping stores.

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So if you’re a Motorola fan looking forward to getting the Moto G6, you can now get it on Project Fi for just under $200. If you’re into high-end devices or you’re a fan of LG, then you can wait a bit for either of the two LG flagships. The G7 ThinQ will be available for Pre-order soon on Fi for just $749, while the V35 ThingQ will be more expensive at $899. This means the LG V35 ThingQ is the most expensive of them all and a little bit behind the most expensive on Project Fi, which is currently held by Pixel 2, its 128GB variant retails for $949.

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