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5 Mobile App Development Tools

Mobile code, native code, and hybrid mobile apps are a subject of debate that may never end, but one thing on which everyone can agree is that they are easy and fast to build. The exertion and cost of mobile app development are in the vigil of the innovative companies.

Everyone is aware of how multi-platform mobile app formatting can bother you. Every platform is unique and has different features, behaviors, and capabilities. The developer needs to find answers to advance the best cross-formatted apps, without actually getting rid of all your resources for some platforms at one time.

There are many great multi-platform developer tools in the market today, which you can use easily to achieve your aim. Some target more than one mobile platform, while others target web applications as well. Many of them are business process orientation. All of them are aimed to get your mobile application development project to run and complete quickly.

Mobile App Development Tools

Top 5 Mobile App Development Tools to count


This is the preferred choice for native applications; it reuses business logic layers and data access across platforms. This is beneficial, when a large amount of local data, offline mode, and image recognition need to be implemented. Built on C#, it runs on .NET infrastructure; this tool is used to build apps for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. It can be considered as one of the best iOS mobile app development tools and it is a mono framework that enables communication with the API of mobile devices, and also allows the mobile application developers to create a scalable and robust application with the help of testing features. The greatest advantage of this tool is that it results in fewer bugs and provides faster time to market, hence it is ranked in the top Mobile App Development Tools.

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Rhodes is an open-source framework centered on Ruby which is indicated by RhoMobile. It certified the developer to build native apps, which are spanning over a stunning range of OS’ and smartphones. The OS’ includes Symbian, iPhone, Android, Windows, and RIM – all are cover under it. The code is only needed once in the framework supplied by RhoMobile. This code can be used to build smart apps for major smartphones, and that too with ease, speed, and accuracy. It also offers RhoHub, which is known as the host development environment, and RhoSync, which can be employed as a standalone server to keep the current data on the users’ handhelds.


This tool comes with cross-platform app development. The major benefit of this tool is that it can be used for creating a single app, which works on all mobile devices. It can be worked on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  The framework of the tool is integrated with several libraries to improve the functionality and also saves a lot of time. It is the most flexible tool with lesser efforts, and developers can extend the functionality of the application with a plug-in architecture. PhoneGap is an open-source license and has a free framework of mobile app development.


This is another multi-platform mobile app dev SDK tool, which is based on standard web programming. It offers the developer integrated compiler libraries, runtimes, device profiles, and other useful tools. There are many android app development tools and this can be considered as average and not good in comparison with other tools. It supports JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ programming. It also offers support for several types of OS’ including Windows, Android, Symbian, Moblin, and Linux distro. This tool will also be available soon for iPhone and blackberry.


Sencha Touch is a framework based on MVC JavaScript for building mobile apps. A unique feature of a mobile app is the ability to use it through the touch of fingertips rather than a mouse. This tool offers a high level of responsiveness for your application and helps to improve customer satisfaction. It is compatible with the latest versions of Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

The Bottom Line

There are many mobile app development tools, on which you can count, which vary in price, complexity, usability, and other factors. There are many more tools, which you can easily use to build your business. If you find it hard to build your app, then hire a professional, who will make this task easy for you.

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