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Top 3 Apps that Help Boost Employee Productivity

Do you ever feel that your business is not doing as well as it should? Do you feel your business is marred due to internal politics and office grapevine? If you are scared of these issues, then it’s time that you start using productivity-enhancing apps to address such pitfalls. In this post, I will review the top 3 Apps that help boost Employee Productivity.

If you were holding your business back due to these reasons then there is nothing you can do except using an email spying app to improve your employee productivity. Using technology to maximize your business productivity creates the platform to realize true business success. Business productivity software ensures organizations have the tools to overcome the challenges of executing on strategy every day and prospering in today’s economic times.

Increased business productivity leads to the faster communication of strategy, increased time spent on strategic priorities and greater project completion rates. There are numerous ways these apps can increase your organizational performance by improving employee productivity. We will be discussing three different apps for this purpose.

Top 3 Apps that Help Boost Employee Productivity

Ping Pong

Consider a situation where you are delivering a presentation about an important upcoming project to your team. What if you are not convinced that your team is understanding all the points you are making?

If you have been facing this issue in the team discussions and gatherings, then PingPong is the solution for you.  Although it is not an app that spies on iPhone, still you can use this app to induce relevant questions from team members and also assess their understanding of the subject matter.

Ping Pong

With PingPong, you can perform a variety of functions to promote productivity. Use this to create questions, share them with the team members, and ask to respond to the queries during the course of your information sharing session.

You can measure their responses in real time which gives you a clear idea of their understanding on the underlying issue. You can check if there are some grey areas that need a solution.

With PingPong you can share necessary research material with your team, making information sharing smoother.

Effective communication is an important facet of employee productivity. This app helps to regulate team communication and increase their confidence.


Effective collaboration is seriously hurt by certain pain points that serve as potential barriers. For example, many businesses today have complicated worksheets in Excel that need to be updated at the end of every day. These sheets are shared with all the team members so that every employee is informed of the project status and deliverables. And if that’s not painful enough, you are also required to keep track of all the information shared among the team members.


This is a simple sketch of the issues that you might face in your efforts to manage and collaborate with a team. Since your business may not have an email spying app, you are unable to address the underlying coordination issues. The Workboard comes for your help to simplify coordination and communication struggles.

Workboard enables its users to collaborate on action items, track the assigned duties, and get status reports in real time. It provides you all the project related information in an aligned and sorted form.

It is a comprehensive app that enhances team-management for a meaningful result and improves team collaboration. But still, lacks the ability to control processes in a mobile business environment.


Have you wondered about how to manage informal communication channels, office grapevine, and internal rumors that are unofficial but affect the organizational environment? Although PingPong and WorkBoard address the communication and collaboration facets of an organization, they are unable to plug any loss to the business through informal means. This is where steps in to fill the gap.

3 Apps that Help Boost Employee Productivity

The formal communication network, made up of memos, reports, staff meetings, department meetings, conferences, company newsletters and official notices is highly documented and as such has very little chance for change. However, nearly all of the information within the informal channel is undocumented and is thereby open to a multitude interpretations as it moves through the network. It often travels faster than formal channels due to smartphones. XNSPY app that spies on iPhone of your employees to monitor the informal communication channels.

Some of its uses to boost employee productivity are:

1. Manage Grapevine

Those who are familiar with the power of the grapevine understand their importance to the stability and credibility of the work environment that is needed in order to achieve organizational goals. XNSPY is an email spying app that you can use to read the emails and manage grapevines. The information collected through this allows the managers in creating effective organizational communication.

Many businesses fail to acknowledge the usefulness of grapevine and the insights are often ignored. Using this app to read emails can reveal to the management those issues that generate from the grassroots.

2. Plug information leakages

XNSPY can allow the businesses to manage informal information and plug any information loopholes affecting the organizational communication. When the rumours and gossips spread in the business, they become a source of diversion and harm the employee productivity. This not only wastes the time, it also raises uncertainty affecting the stability of organization as a result.

With this app, you can monitor almost all the major social media on the employee’s phone. You can see their Skype chats, Facebook messenger chats, and WhatsApp communication. You can stop anyone for manipulating situations by control this and any rumour started deliberately to harm the business reputation.

3. Locate your employees

Many businesses are comprised of scattered workforce and location-based business. The workforce as to work in shifts on different sites, or there are operations expanding from city to city. In such scenarios, keeping tabs on your employee location helps you to save time and to attend to the employees in case of emergency.

The XNSPY app gives you information about their location in real-time. The location feature has further features like providing you the location history of your employee and monitoring the specific locations.

The Verdict:

If you compare these 3 Apps that Help Boost Employee Productivity then the first two apps are feature specific. PingPong and Workboard address two important business facets of communication and collaboration respectively. But if you are looking further by tracking the locations of your employees by an app that spies on iPhone, monitoring their emails and plugging informal information channels, you should go for XNSPY to boost employee productivity.

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