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New Google Pixel 4 Video Shows it will have Face Unlock and Motion Gestures

Gearing up for the Google Pixel 4, the company on Monday teased fans by releasing a video on their twitter page indicating the Pixel 4 will come with Face unlock and Motion gestures.

They also went ahead to release a blog post detailing how both features work. One will agree that the traditional Android phone face unlock isn’t that secure, which is why most Android smartphone stick with the fingerprint sensor that is far more secure.

Well, all indication is pointing that the Face unlock system on the upcoming Pixel 4 will be similar to that of Apple’s Face ID, which is the most secure face unlock as of right now.

The Pixel 4’s face unlock system will use an IR camera, dot projector and flood illuminator to scan a 3D map of the user’s face. This makes it more secure than the traditional Android face recognition system that just takes a picture of a user’s face. Most times, the smartphone usually unlocks when someone else shows his/her face.

Google Pixel 4 face unlock

Google’s new Motion Sense feature is based on Soli. Soli, the new sensing technology detects touchless gesture interactions by using miniature radar. The Motion Sense feature will let the user control simple functions on their device by just waving their hands. Functions like snoozing alarms, skipping songs, silencing phone calls can be done without even touching the device. According to Google, the Motion Sense feature will only be available in selected countries. The Soli technology project is just 4 years old, so it’s new and developing.

There is no official word regarding the launching date of Google Pixel 4. The Pixel 3 was launched in October last year, so it won’t be out of proportion to say we should be expecting the Pixel 4 this October!!!

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