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WhatsApp introduces Snapchat-like Status stories that last for 24hrs

New WhatsApp status. WhatsApp just made an announcement today that is adding support for a new feature which is similar to Snapchat Stories. The new WhatsApp status feature takes on Snapchat stories for those who have been using Snapchat and is called Status. It is rolling out gradually on Android and window phones as from today.

The new WhatsApp status feature is not globally rolled out yet but WhatsApp users in France and the Netherlands can start to enjoy this new feature while global rollout is expected anytime soon. It’s like Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp and Instagram wants to take total control of social media platform.  First was with its Instagram stories which are a direct clone of what Snapchat offers, and recently Facebook announced that people can now apply for jobs directly on Facebook. A move many believed is aimed at reducing the dominance of LinkedIn in the job listing platform.

How to make WhatsApp status Stories just like Snapchat

The new WhatsApp status is quite similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories. You can add text, emoji and even make sketches to your photos and video before sharing them which will only last for 24hours after you have shared it on your status.

  • To use this new WhatsApp feature, Open your WhatsApp and locate Status tab to view your contacts’ updates and to create and share your own.
  • If you can’t find your there, it’s likely that it has not been rolled out for your country.
  • Also, head over to your respective app store to update your WhatsApp, in case your WhatsApp is not updated to the latest version yet.
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