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Oppo is the Number One Mobile Brand in Q4 2018 in Thailand

As smartphone makers intensify effort to control the Asian market, the new market report is coming out daily. A new report is coming from another South East Asia. This time around, the report is talking about Thailand’s market. The latest report from Canaly’s shows the market share of smartphone companies in Thailand in the last quarter of 2018.

Thailand mobile market

There seems to be a 13.6% market drop over Q4 of the previous year due to users holding unto there smartphone. The shipment of smartphones stood at 4.9million during this period. Even with the heavy money that smartphone makers spend on advertising, the majority of Thailand smartphone users still have no intention of upgrading their phone.

From the figure gotten, Oppo had a 22.2% market share with a massive 69.8% YoY while Samsung saw their YoY decline by 36.1%. And Samsung came second with a 21.1% market share. The third position is occupied by Huawei with 13.15 market share with an impressive YoY growth of 73.4%. As Vivo steadily grew by 13%, Apple, on the other hand, saw their market share drop to 8.6% with 52.2% YoY.

Also, note that Huawei’s stat does not take Honor devices into consideration and Oppo’s numbers do not also include Realme – branded devices. The numerous local marketing investment being made by Oppo seems to be yielding fruits as the two third of Oppo’s total shipment came from A3, F7 and F9 phones. The major objective of Oppo is on how to convince users to drop Samsung and Apple devices and switch over to Oppo devices.

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