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(Photo Leak) If This is The Next Itel Smartphone, Then It’s Unarguably The Most Affordable Smartphone With Standout Features

The African mobile phone market is swamped with several players many of which are new entrants with the sole aim of grabbing a piece of the pie in the continent’s mobile technology market. As smartphone penetration increases across the continent so does the number of enthusiasts grow due to the availability of budget smartphones.

iTel A32F

A leading maker of affordable smartphones in Africa, itel Mobile is expected to announce the release of its latest A-Series smartphone, however, more than the date of its release, people are interested in its rumoured specs. Expected to launch with a very reliable fingerprint sensor, the latest Android OS and possibly an industry leading eye scanner, the about to be released A-Series is believed to be built to impress its consumers and deliver trendy technology to them at affordable rates.

Itel A32f Spec

itel is already leading the pack of mid-range smartphone makers with its different product series however if every gist making the round now is to be believed then, the brand would have completely dusted its competitors in Africa for the year. Talk about camera, the device is rumoured to carry 5MP front camera and 13MP rear cameras with a 5.0” big screen. Its responsiveness is upped by complementing its octa-core processor with a highly optimized Android Go OS which is already making a name for itself in the tech space as the best operating system for saving data, boosting device speed, managing storage capacity and making the art of sharing multimedia content very seamless.

Itel A32f Spec

If the latest itel A–Series is released with any of the rumoured standout features especially with a fingerprint sensor then, the brand would have officially released Africa’s most affordable smartphone with a fingerprint scanner for everyone. With innovative technologies like these becoming more accessible, mobile phone enthusiasts in Africa can also experience the same high-end features being promoted by other brands howbeit at a more pocket-friendly price.


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