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Qualcomm Introduces Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset. The semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company believes the chipset will be seen on phones before the year runs out. It is kind of surprising to see the company take this approach, which is releasing a plus version of their chipset. We did not get to see a plus version for other predecessors of the Snapdragon SoC.

This Snapdragon 855 plus chipset is optimized for mainly gaming, 5G connectivity, AI and VR. The mobile gaming sector is growing exponentially, which is definitely a factor as to why Qualcomm released this chipset.

The chipset still has the same layout and design as the Snapdragon 855 released late last year. According to Qualcomm, the eight-cores Kryo CPU featured on the Snapdragon 855 plus clock up to 2.96GHz. We do know that eight-cores available in the Snapdragon 855 chipset clocks up to 2.84 GHz, so there is definitely an increase in performance there. There is also an increase in performance in the GPU, its Adreno 640 GPU featured in the chip promises up to 15% more in performance.

The RAM and storage support remains unchanged. And so is the Snapdragon X24 LTE 4G modem and Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem. Guess, Qualcomm is reserving the changes to these departments for the upcoming Snapdragon 865.

As usual, these are just on paper, we have to actually wait till when we see a smartphone running on this chipset. And then make a practical comparison with those running on the Snapdragon 855 SoC like the Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and the rest. The smartphones likely to come with the Snapdragon 855 plus chipset are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Google Pixel 4, which are due to be released in the second half of the year.

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