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Samsung Launches Next-Generation DRAM Memory Chip

Samsung just announced the following Generation of DRAM Memory chips. It is the industry’s first Graphics Double Data Rate 7 (GDDR7) memory, with some upgrades over its predecessor. Let’s give you more details.

Samsung GDDR7 DRAM Features

The tech giant’s new chip offers improvement in data speeds, surpassing the 24Gbps on the DDR6 DRAM last year. It has 16 gigabit GDDR7 DRAM, the fastest in the industry. The chip will give Samsung a new edge in the graphics market because of its advanced integrated circuit design and stable performance at higher speeds. The brand’s GDDR7 DRAM module has set a new record at 1.5Tbps.

It also has a higher data speed per min of 32Gbps. According to Samsung, the improvement was possible because of the Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM3), which allows 50 percent more data to be transmitted compared to Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) from previous generations. The new chip is also 20% more energy efficient when compared to the GDDR6 Module.

Samsungs Executive VP of Memory Product, Yongcheol Bae, stated that “ our GDDR7 DRAM will help elevate user experience in areas that require outstanding graphics performance, such as workstations, PC and game consoles, and is expected to expand into future applications such as AI, high-performance computing, and automotive vehicles. The next-generation graphics DRAM will be brought to the market in line with industry demand, and we plan on continuing leadership in the space.”

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