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Facebook turns 13-it’s the #Friends Day

“Happy Friends Day!” to all   Facebook users across the world. Facebook is 13 and the community is in celebration mood #Friends Day. This is the cheesy message many of us wake up to see on our Facebook newsfeed. The reason being that it’s the Facebook Friends Day.

What is Facebook Friends Day?

Friends Day is a day set aside to celebrate all Facebook users across the world on the popular social network. The Friends day is usually celebrated on every Feb. 4 which is just some few hours away.

The friends day is the Facebook version of official International Friendship Day, recognized by the United Nations, is marked as July 30.  If you could recall for the past two years Facebook has celebrated the made up holiday on the anniversary of its launch. But this year it has decided to buck that trend, sharing personalized videos with its billions of users today – February 2.

Facebook’s users will, by now, be used to its round-up videos that celebrate minor milestones such as joining the social network and anniversaries of becoming friends on Facebook. But the company has now taken it one step further and made up a holiday.

How to create and share your Friends day Video

In case you have not seen the personalized Facebook Friends day video on your notifications or Newsfeed,

Simply, go to if yours is ready you will see it there and if is not ready yet Facebook will let you know. You can check this post on how to see and share your Facebook Friends day Video.

“This Saturday, February 4, is Facebook’s 13th birthday, a day we call Friends Day,” said Oren Hod, Facebook’s product manager. Happy birthday to Facebook, it’s the 13th anniversary, it’s the Friends Day. So let the celebration continue #Friends day

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