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Snapdragon 855 Powered Google Coral device Visits Geekbench

Many smartphones are expected to be unveiled this year. Companies are already revealing the design of their flagships online. Most of the flagships are expected to come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. An unknown entry called “Google coral” were seen on the Geekbench with Android Q and 6GB RAM. Most people are already guessing that it is the Alpha unit of the upcoming Pixel 4. The “Google coral” was seen in the benchmark database for at least 150 times which makes people think that it is more likely a new Chromebook.

Google coral

We are still wondering how a Snapdragon 855 would perform when joined with a clean Android Q even though we have not seen the actual device yet. The single-core result is 3, 296 while for multi-core, it is 9,235. What that means is that the SD855 have a %10 better performance when compared with the SD845 seen in google Pixel 3 smartphone.

The google coral device was used numerous times last year and it seems to be a test platform for different chipsets that get implemented in the Google ecosystem – more like a device that is still under pre-production stage. We might be able to see it during the unveiling of Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL if it is a tablet or phone that is been prepared for the launch. We are waiting for Google to confirm that.


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