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Facebook to Merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger Chats

A New York Times report has revealed plans of Facebook to combine its messaging Apps – from WhatsApp to Instagram to a messenger. What that implies is that a WhatsApp user will now be able to chat with an Instagram user thereby breaking the lopes that have been between the two applications.

It also means that if you are using messenger, you can now be able to send encrypted messages to someone that is using WhatsApp.  The 3 applications will still be different in the home screen of your phone but they will have a unified messaging feature.

This report has been confirmed by Facebook in a statement to the New York Times. This development will now give Facebook more control over Instagram and WhatsApp. But before now, Instagram and WhatsApp have been developed independently with Facebook being their parent company.

This development by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seems not to go well with most of the workers in Instagram and WhatsApp. Remember that the co-founder of Instagram left the company last year because of the way that Facebook was exerting more control over Instagram.

To control the situation, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg was said to have called a follow up meeting with employers of WhatsApp, three of the people said. Employees gathered around microphones at WhatsApp’s office on Dec 7 to inquire from Mr. Zuckerberg while he was so inquisitive to join the messaging App’s together. Some said that his answers were vague and meandering. Mark Zuckerberg’s plans have made so many WhatsApp employees to quit the company.

Even WhatsApp employees are annoyed by this latest development. Most employers believe that WhatsApp was built with strong privacy and that encryption is a core part of WhatsApp – which the unification of the applications will most likely ignore.

The privacy of WhatsApp and Instagram users seems to be more secure than that of Facebook and this will pose a huge challenge to the unification of the applications. As of now, we are still wondering how the three applications can be unified together without compromising the values of Instagram and WhatsApp.

According to the New York Times, the development has already started and it is expected to be launched in 2020. What do you think? Do you think that this is a good move by Mark Zuckerberg?

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