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Spectranet Selfcare Number and How to contact them

Have you been searching for the best ways to contact Spectranet Selfcare Number or their reps? Worry no more as we will be showing you various ways to do so.

Spectranet is an internet service provider that offer 4G LTE services to various homes and offices. They are also the first Internet service provider to launch 4G in Nigeria. Spectranet has different types of MiFi devices as well as WiFi devices aimed at different people.

For example, if you’re buying a wireless internet device for Office use where you have many people Connecting to a device then you can go for the WiFi. If you have other family members looking to connect once in while then the Mifi is the one for you. Anyways, don’t take my word for it as you can visit the Spectranet Website to see the specifications and features of each device before you make up your mind on which to get.

Now, if you already on the Spectranet network and you’re having an issue or have a complaint or just have a question, then you’ve come to the right place as we will be showing you various ways on how to get in touch with one of spectranet Customer Care representative.

Spectranet Selfcare Number and How to contact them

Now, before we begin. You need to know that Spectranet has a selfcare Portal where you can access your own account and do some of the things a customer care representative will do for you by yourself. For example, you can subscribe for a new plan on the Spectranet network by yourself using the variety of methods that they have.

You can also check how much data you have left in your account through the Selfcare Portal. All this can be done by you without having to get in touch with any of their customer care representatives. You can visit the Spectranet Selfcare Portal by visiting (https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng) and Log on using your UserID and Password.

Spectranet Selfcare Number

If you have an issue that can be resolved via the Selfcare Portal and require the assistance of a customer care representative then you can also call them on the phone by Dialing 07002345678. This is the real Spectranet Selfcare Number you can call any time.

You can also head over to their contact us page (https://spectranet.com.ng/contact-us) on their website and fill the form with the complaint or enquiry you might have which will be reviewed by a Spectranet customer care representative and replied via the phone number or email provided.

Spectranet Selfcare email

If you prefer e-mail, you can contact them via e-mail through [email protected] or you can visit their head office which is located at Plot 36B, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue Oregun Industrial Estate Alausa Ikeja Lagos if you’re in Lagos.

If you’re in other states in Nigeria and would like to visit any of there outlets then you can call or send an e-mail with your state and you’d be directed to their nearest Office near you. Got any more questions about spectranet Customer care and how to get in touch with them? Let us know through the comment section down below.

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