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Top Ways to Hide Photos on Android Phones

Confidential multimedia content, like photos and videos, necessarily requires some level of preventive measures to prevent intruders from gaining access to the information. In recent times, smartphones are gradually becoming the real game changer when it comes to capturing moments as against the conventional digital cameras.

This implies that the more private your content is, the more the concerns you face about its safety. In this article, you will learn of methods to hide pictures and protect your privacy with ease.

Steps to Hide Photos on Your Android Device

This is among the simplest methods to hide your photos, which require that you create a folder where you will place the images of your choice.

  • Download ES File Explorer from Google Play if you don’t have the pre-installed File Manage on your device.
  • Go to “File manager” or the downloaded app above on your device; click on Menu > “Settings” and set the “Show hidden files” option on.
  • Create a “New folder” on the File manager menu.
  • Name the folder and ensure it begins with a period “.”; then give it any name you like.
  • Place your photos in the folder once it has been created.

You can access the photos via your File manager by searching the folder name and disabling the “Show hidden files” setting to make the folder completely invisible.

Ways to hide photos on Android-powered smartphone

Hide Photos on Android Using Third-Party Apps

  • Private Photo Vault: Specially made for hiding photos, it helps protect your hot selfies in a folder, protected with PIN or pattern. This app comes with a lot of exciting features, such as break-in reports, which automatically takes a photo of intruder and their location via GPS; fake password creation with access to only stock images; in-app editing features for enhancing your photo before sharing it, and a private web browser through which you can save online photos to the app directly. Download Private Photo Vault app from the Play Store.
  • Keepsafe Photo Vault: This app offers an added layer of protection for your photos and does not show up on your recently used apps list. Your photos are either secured with a PIN, pattern lock, or Fingerprint with military-grade encryption. One other feature of this app is “auto lock “ when the phone faces downward. Download the Keepsafe Photo Vault app from the Google Play Store.
  • Secret Photo Album: You can save your secret photos directly in this app, from online sources and others, without fear of having your browser history tapped. It also has a decoy feature for nosy friends, which allows you to pinch fake passwords that open only regular photos while keeping your private images safe. Download Secret Photo Album app from the Play Store.

Steps to Hide Photos on Your Android Device Using Built-in Features

Many manufacturers of Android devices provide in-built privacy features which allow you to hide your photos and other files easily. It is relatively common in Samsung phones, Infinix, LG, and some other popular brands.

Using Samsung in-built Hide Feature:

  • Open “settings” and navigate to “Privacy and Safety”.
  • Click on “Private mode” access type, and then choose either Pattern, Pin or Password, with Fingerprints as an alternative.
  • Toggle on the private mode to enable you to see private content. It will request that you enter your PIN, or any other access type you chose. Note that you can also toggle off to disable access to private content.
  • It is best you turn on “Auto disable in Private mode” so as to automatically hide your contents when your phone screen is off.
  • Go ahead and add contents from the Gallery app. Choose a photo you want to hide and tap on “More” at the top-right corner.
  • Tap “Move to Private” from the dropdown list.

To unhide, simply click on “More” and select “Remove from private”; then, select a folder to restore your photo to.

By using the above methods and third-party apps, you can effectively hide your photos from those people you don’t want to have access to them.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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