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Tecno is Working on Dynamic Island Like Feature for Upcoming Phones

Tecno has remained committed to revamping its HiOs user interface, and they plan to introduce the Dynamic Island feature in their next software Update. The feature allows users to show live music, sports scores, and other information on their screens, even if using another app.

It was introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro Max because it was the first iPhone to come without a notch. The feature has been copied by some Android brands, with Realme being the most prominent brand. According to reports, the Dynamic Island feature will be called “Dynamic Port,” but we don’t know the apps it will be compatible with yet. There isn’t also any clear indication of how it will look just yet.

We also don’t know if it will be available on all Tecno devices or some premium models. Tecno barely push software to their older devices and this might signify that it will only be available on newer devices. The next flagship Tecno device that will be released is the Phantom V Flip then we have the budget Spark 20 series. We might see the Dynamic Port on either of the devices, or time will tell.

It is yet to be announced by Tecno, and we don’t know when it will be available officially. To hear that the brand is working on the feature means they are putting effort into giving users the best experience possible.

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