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Tecno Phantom 7 and other Tecno Upcoming Smartphones

This post is about Tecno’s upcoming phones in 2017. Tecno mobile, one of African biggest brands impressed many of us in the tech world last year with its impressive performance. The company which started its experiment with the Tecno Phantom 5 into the premium mobile phone segment in 2015 but did not make much impact, surprisingly had a lot going for them in 2016. Here we have made it a point of duty to list some of the Tecno upcoming phones 2017.

The year 2016 was an impressive year for the brand as the Tecno Camon C9, Tecno W4 and Tecno Phantom 6,, and Phantom 6 Plus recorded massive sales across Africa and the Middle East. Tecno Phantom 6 is powered by Mediatek Helio P10 coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage while the Pro version, the Tecno Phantom 6 plus boasts of massive 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The device was powered by MediaTek’s deca-core processor-the Helio X20. This year Tecno’s upcoming phones will be the best you have seen from the brand and they will all adopt a new design.

The Tecno W4, for instance, was one of the most searched smartphones in Nigeria for 2016. The Tecno W4 was Tecno’s first Marshmallow smartphone boasting of an HD IPS screen, 16GB of internal storage, and a Quad-Core Processor with an affordable price tag. Not taking anything away from the Tecno W5 and Tecno W3 which was also listed by Google as one of the most searched smartphones in Nigeria for the same year.

One would wonder why people are so much interested in the Tecno W series, the simple truth is that this class of devices from Tecno is affordable and they also have decent specs and average cameras.

Apart from the massive sales recorded by the brand, Tecno also made some major milestones last year. For example, the Phantom 6 launch event in Dubai, was its first launch outside of Africa, and the Sponsorship deal with Manchester City Football Club gave the brand the right as official mobile and Tablet partner of Manchester City Football Club.

If last year was so good for Tecno we are already envisaging and anticipating Tecno’s upcoming smartphone in 2017. Below are Tecno’s upcoming smartphones in 2017 you should look out for.

Top Tecno Upcoming phones 2017 Specifications and release dates

TECNO L9/ L9 Plus

Tecno L series is a Long-lasting battery smartphone, that is why Tecno L6, L7, L5, L8, and L8 plus released in the previous years had huge battery capacity. The Tecno L8 and L8 Plus were particularly monstrous with their 5050Mah battery capacity. If you live in the developing part of the World you will agree with me that one important feature people look out for in smartphones these days, is good battery life. The upcoming Tecno L9 and L9 Plus are expected to raise the bar in terms of battery capacity, design concept, software, and camera. The Line of smartphones will best Tecno’s upcoming phones in 2017 in terms of battery and they are likely to be Launched first. So let the countdown begin.

Tecno Camon CX

The Camon series from Tecno is a camera-centric smartphone boasting superlative camera quality. The Camon series is Tecno’s best-selling smartphone and Tecno Camon C8 was one of the best smartphones for 2015 raking in millions of dollars in revenue for the brand. The current Camon C9 was dubbed the best camera phone in Africa from Tecno during its launch. It features 13 Megapixels both front and back, and Tecno toured Nigeria to capture beautiful sceneries with the Tecno Camon C9.

So if the Camon C9 was that good a lot is expected from the upcoming Tecno Camon CX. We are predicting at least 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage since the Camon C9 has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM while the Camon C9 Pro came with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. In the camera department, the Camon CX may debut with a 13MP + 13MP dual back camera and 16MP front camera. Dual back mobile phone cameras are becoming a trend lately, the likes of iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9 plus, Tecno Phantom 6, LG V20, and Xiaomi Note 4 were some of the first smartphones to be fitted with a dual back camera. The Tecno Camon CX will be one of the best Tecno Upcoming phones in 2017.

Tecno W6 and Tecno W6 Lite

These lines of smartphones from Tecno are some of the best affordable phones you can buy without breaking the bank and they also come with impressive cameras and great specs for the price they are being sold. We have seen the release of Tecno W1, Tecno W2, Tecno W3, Tecno W4, and Tecno W5 in the past years and we are guessing that the next phone in the W-series will be called Tecno W6 and there is a possibility that Tecno Mobile will launch the Lite version of Tecno W6.

The upcoming Tecno W6 and W6 Lite are expected to come with specs upgrades compared to their predecessors; Tecno W5 and W5 Lite. Tecno W5 was launched with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 13MP camera at the back and 5MP in the front, a fast 4G LTE connection, and a fingerprint scanner. The W5 Lite, however, does not have 4G LTE and its cameras are 8MP rear and 2MP front.

We expect the Tecno W6 to come with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of Internal storage,  Android 7.0 Nougat , 4G LTE, Fingerprint scanner, 3500mAh battery , 13MP back and 8MP front camera. On the other hand, the W6 Lite will not have 4G capability but we still expect it to come with 2GB RAM and 16GB onboard memory.

Tecno Phantom 7 and Phantom 7 Pro

Tecno phantom series are no doubt Tecno’s most premium mobile phones in terms of durability, Camera quality, Specification, and design. The Tecno Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus are Tecno’s first flagships to record impressive sales according to tips we got from the Brand. The two devices were launched in Dubai and are now available in the Middle East, South Asia, and North America.

The Tecno Phantom 7 according to our projection will be launched in the Q4 of 2017. We expect the Tecno Phantom 7 to come with 6GB of RAM/ 64GB of ROM and Super AMOLED Full HD resolution or even a QHD resolution. The current Tecno Phantom 6 boasts of AMOLED FHD display, so we are guessing Tecno may introduce a super AMOLED display on the Phantom 7.

Since last Tecno introduced two variants of its Flagships last year, the Tecno Phantom 7 will also have a pro version which will be called Tecno Phantom 7 Plus. This will be more expensive than the base version and the RAM, ROM and processor will also be better than that of the Phantom 7. The Phantom 7 Plus will be the best Tecno upcoming phone and will be launched around September this year.

One of the many choices we make when buying a smartphone is the display type. AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology is now often seen in most super-powerful flagship devices because colors are typically brighter and blacks are darker, a portion of the screen can be effectively turned off. This can lead to a significant improvement in battery life, especially when using a dark theme and wallpapers. Viewing angles are super cool on AMOLED compared to IPS (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display. So we expect this technology to be implemented in the upcoming flagships from Tecno.

So there you have it, the list of Tecno’s upcoming smartphones in 2017. If you have any information about some of these Tecno upcoming smartphones in 2017, feel free to get in touch with us. We will keep updating this post as we get more leaks and rumours about Tecno Upcoming phones 2017.

That is it guys, the list of Tecno upcoming phones 2017. Feel free to share this post with your friends on social media

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