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Tesla Car Colorizer Launches In The Us: Does It Change The Color Of Your Car?

Tesla has been on the market for over 18 years now, and it has earned itself a reputation of being one of the best electric cars in the world. This reputation has earned it a devoted fan base that’s loyal to Tesla no matter what, but even some of these people weren’t completely satisfied with the company’s cars until Tesla announced their latest feature – Car Colorizer.

After launching in the East Asian region last Lunar New Year, Tesla’s Car Colorizer has now expanded to the United States and other regions outside of China. Let’s take a look at what Colorizer is all about.

According to a tweet from Tesla, the Car Colorizer feature has landed in the United States for the first time, allowing users to change the color of their car using the screen or app.

Users can use a color wheel in the infotainment system to modify or customize the appearance of their electric vehicles, and preserve the look on the smartphone.

Does Tesla Car Colorizer Change The Color Of Your Car?

You might think that changing the color of your car’s body is possible based on the video Tesla has shared, but this function does not change the color of the car’s body. Simply allows you to change the color of the screen.

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