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5 Best Ways to Track a Missing or Stolen Phone

Want to know about the 5 best ways to track a missing or stolen phone? If yes, then continue reading this article. As humans, we can never be too careful and there will be times where we let our guard down. Often times than not, it is the data loss on our phone that is more worrisome than the actual phone itself. A stolen or missing phone is not the end of the road. Thanks to the rapid growth of digital technology, we can now track our lost or missing phone. And hopefully, recover them with all our data still intact and not compromised.

It is important that you begin tracking the phone immediately it got stolen. Here, we’ll be discussing the 5 best Android apps you can use to track a missing phone. All apps listed in this article is available for download on Google play store. They are totally free of charge to download and use their features.

Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Life360 is a tracking app that allows you to stay connected with the people you love. On this platform, you can create your own private group which called “Circle” and add your loved ones to it. You can track in real-time the location of every member in that private group. This way, you can see the location of his/her phone when it is stolen. You’ll even receive a real-time alert when a circle member i.e. his/her phone arrives or leave a destination. Life360 app is compatible with every Android device and has a more diverse array of features and benefits.

Download on Google Play

Prey Anti Theft

This app is among the best when it comes to finding your phone and mobile security in general. When you use this app, you’ll see why we included it in our 5 best ways to track a missing or stolen phone. Prey Inc. (owner of Prey Anti Theft) has been in the business of data security for over 10 years in not just phones, but also laptops and PCs. The Location History feature lets you verify device movements in time and detect any suspicious movements. Get GPS coordinates with pinpoint accuracy on the map for stolen devices. There is also a feature called ‘Control Zone’ that allows you to create an area in the map and get notified when the device enters or leaves the zone.

Download the app on Google Play

Google Find My Device

Google Inc. is not left behind when it comes to Android phone security. The company has its own app that allows you to find any missing device. You can see the location of the missing phone anywhere on the map. The indoor map feature lets you track your phone even inside an airport, shopping mall or any other large building. With this app, you can either erase the missing device or lock it with a custom message displayed on its lock screen. You can enter your contact info in the custom message.

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xfi Locator Lite

Easily locate your lost Android phone by using the xfi Locator Lite app. You can even send an audible sound to the device. The app locates and shows you the location of the phone you’re looking on Google map. Even if the phone is on silent mode, this app can still make it sound. The phone’s location auto-refresh in real-time even in a crowded environment. It works like a regular map, providing you with directions, turn-by-turn navigation from its own location to target device location. It also has a street view feature.

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We’ll be rounding up our 5 best ways to track a missing or stolen phone with TrackView. Just like other apps listed before it, it helps you track or find your missing device. It works in real-time with low latency to make sure you get timely updates about the situation of the phone. You can remotely record either audio or video and have it sent to your end. The remote buzz feature will ring the missing phone even if it is on silent mode. The TrackView app works in the background and on sleep mode so it doesn’t consume much of your battery life.

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There are so many other GPS tracking or Phone locator app out there. But we do believe these five Android apps are among the best. Let us know what you think about them in the comment section and if you’ve used any one of them before.

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