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Ulefone Power 5 shows remarkable one-week endurance with multi-use battery test

A smartphone is one of the necessities in everyone’s life. However, video playing, music playing, game playing, video calling, many apps consume your phone power which might force the phone to shut down when it’s needed the most. However, this will never be a problem if you got a Ulefone Power 5 in your pocket. Upgraded from Power 3 with up to 1100 hours(one week) standby, the device will make you worry less about power. How does it perform in real-life scenarios? Let’s see:

The test composed of 6 energy-hungry projects lasting 4.5 hours. After one-hour online music, 2% of the battery was consumed. After one-hour of online 1080p video playback, 3% of the battery was consumed. Half-an-hour video recording consumes 2% of the battery. Half-an-hour Wechat voice call consumes 2% of battery, half-an-hour Wechat video call, consumes 3% of battery. And after one-hour PUBG gaming(famous online battle game) 5% of the battery was consumed

There is no doubt this phone with its 13,000mAh Battery will satisfy you under any circumstances with its astonishing endurance. The device can last 7 days with one single charge. Meanwhile, Power 5 supports 5V/5A super fast charge. And you have more option which is a wireless charger for speeding up the charging process. Plus, this energy-efficient phone could be a power bank to fill your other devices when needed.

Moreover, Power 5’s other feature is worthy of its power longevity. With the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, MT6763 Octa-core CPU, Four Cameras,6GB RAM+64GB ROM, Face Unlock & Fingerprint ID and 6.0-inch 18:9 AUO Display, Power 5 shall be one your best partners ever due to its features and superpower.

You can learn more about the Power 5 on the company’s official website: http://ulefone.com/products/power5/features.html or get one for just ₦101,790 in here

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