Tuesday, June 25, 2024


We are in that time of the year when the big players in the mobile industry release their flagship devices. TECNO Mobile which is Africa largest mobile brand is preparing to introduce (if the leaked image we got is anything to go by) its flagship device into the market.

The Phantom series are TECNO’s biggest devices in terms of hardware, specification and aesthetics. The TECNO Phantom 5 which was released last year remains the most premium and specced device till date from the company.

As light as a pen

If the leaked image we got is to be taken seriously, then the upcoming TECNO Phantom 6 could be in for an award as the slimmest device ever. That also means the device will be incredibly light as pen and probably comes with a metallic unibody design. The image above further demonstrated how light the upcoming Tecno Phantom 6 will be compared to the weight of a pen. That means we could put the device and pen on our pockets without feeling much weight, this is very awesome because we all like very light devices. Since the Phantom series are TECNO’s most premium flagship devices, a lot is, therefore, is expected from upcoming TECNO phantom 6.

Ultra-thin body with Amoled display

The TECNO Phantom 6 could be in for a big display and resolution jump if rumour reaching us is anything to go by, TECNO is apparently likely to introduce a 6-inch screen with at least full HD resolution or even a QHD resolution on the upcoming Phantom 6. What is not clear at this time of writing this article is whether TECNO will introduce SUPER AMOLED display or stick with the IPS display used on the last Phantom phone. But from the leaked image above and rumour mills online, TECNO might be ditching the IPS screen for a more colourful and vivid super AMOLED display. The image on the leaked device above looks more colourful than the traditional IPS display, so we are probably guessing, the device will come with AMOLED screen.

One of the many choices we make when buying a smartphone is the display type. AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology is now often seen in most super powerful flagship devices because colours are typically brighter and blacks are darker because a portion of the screen can be effectively turned off. This can lead to a significant improvement in battery life especially when using a dark theme and wallpapers. Viewing angles are super cool on AMOLED compare to IPS (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display).

This is everything we could get from the upcoming device at this time and if all these rumours finally come true, then the TECNO PHANTOM 6 will definitely be a worthy upgrade to Phantom 5

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